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    Cayo Costa

    Thanks. Its going to be chilly in February in the Gulf but maybe I'll invest in an inflatable kayak.
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    Cayo Costa

    The more I think about it, landing on sand , with the movement of the waves, is a dumb idea. Bound to wear at the finish. Best just to anchor behind the breakers and wade in.
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    Cayo Costa

    I just discovered Cayo Costa. But, very nervous about ruining my the Sharkhide on my tunes by running it up on the beach. Will the sand on the beach damage the Sharkhide?
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    Mystery Box ?

    What is the purpose of the black carpeted rectangular box that is under the bow/starboard seat on a QX 25. I don't see any wires or piping coming in or out. I don't have a wash down so it's not the tank. Sorry I don't have a picture. Hope that someone knows what it is.