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    Does anyone know how to add an amp to the Kicker Headunit?

    Not sure which 5 channel amp you installed but maybe recheck that your RCA's are going to the speaker input (not sub input) and did you adjust the amp gain to somewhat match the head unit voltage output?
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    Speakers 2008 2275GL

    I've installed these in several boats and they are really nice for the money. They sound and look great.
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    Stereo upgrade options - after the fact

    Well, I had the Kicker upgrade (amp/sub/deck) with the Wetsounds speakers. The Kicker deck and amp work very well together but my amp wasn't adjusted properly. Bennington doesn't want you to fool with it but I did and it made a world of difference. Adjusting the deck output to the input of...
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    Fusion Radio Fader with Kicker amp and sub

    No, that doesn't sound correct. Need some more info. Are you using an amp (which one) and is the sub passive or powered?
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    Boat browsing update.....

    I'd be glad to check the boat out for you but there's one small problem. I don't live in Havasu any longer. I'm back in Kali. Wife wanted to be closer to the grandkids so we made the move back. Sorry.
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    Salt stain on pontoons

    I doubt it. Looks to me like it's just some minor surface staining. I'd probably just clean them up a bit and add Sharkhide protectant. My .02.
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    Amp Recommendations

    No experience with that particular amp but I had a five channel Kicker amp that worked fine. Powered four Wetsounds speakers plus two subs. I'd suggest installing a five channel amp vs. the four in the event you want to add a sub later on. While the addition of a second battery isn't...
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    Kicker KMC10, speakers, amp, sub questions . . .

    Well, my Benny came with the Kicker KMC10, Kicker 5 channel amp, Kicker 10" sub under the forward starboard seat and 4 Wetsounds speakers. I added a second 10" shallow mount Pioneer sub under the port side club seats. Also added two remotes front and rear. The addition of the Pioneer sub and...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Also, did you run two sets of RCA's from the deck to the amp or just one? Basically, separate RCA's for the front and rear.
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Hmmmm, if wired correctly you should be able to isolate the rears. Double check the wiring and the settings on the amp. I had those JL amps in my Malibu and they are very good. I just don't remember all the possible amp settings.
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    If the stern/rear speakers are connected together at the speakers then yes. Usually it's done at the deck/amp. I'd be surprised if Bennington taped into the rear speakers. You'll need to confirm that. The other Bennington I did some wiring on had all the splices under the helm. Nothing at...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    Well, what type of amp will you be adding? Mono amp for a sub, 4 channel for just the speakers or a 5 channel for a sub and speakers? If you're adding the 4 or 5 channel just wire the speakers appropriately like you want. The rear speakers on their own channels and the fronts wire together...
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    PVC vs Carpet

    Doug, What ramp are you using? I've never had an issue at Windsor.
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    So sad to hear this. Thoughts and prayers from my family to his. I'll say an extra prayer for him tonight.