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    PTM Black Friday 20% Discount

    The other one is not a cup holder type. You can mount it on pretty much and flat surface but you will need to drill 4 holes in to your fiberglass. It is a fixed mount but it does have a little more maneuverability than the rail mounted one. They both will lay flat so your mooring cover will fit...
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    PTM Black Friday 20% Discount

    It's back again... The PTM Black Friday and really through he end of the year to include a Christmas sale 20% discount, no sales tax and free shipping as long as you are not in the great state of Tennessee. Use discount code CLUBBEN20! when checking out to receive the discount. Works on all PTM...
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    The real men of football start this weekend.... SEC!!!!!!!!!!
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    PTM Edge Group Buy

    Hey Club Benny owners.. I hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time and being able to get out on the lake as much as possible.. PTM just wanted to say thank you for the 16 orders this go around and also thank you to everyone that has purchased in the past. We really hope you are...
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    PTM Edge Group Buy

    Hello Club Bennington members. I hope everyone is staying safe and getting out on the lake when/ if possible.. Hopefully we will all be back to normal very soon. Like the title says, it is that time of year again when PTM is offering the 20% discount along with free shipping and no sales tax...
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    Tower Speakers - Cladded Arch

    JL Audio and Wet Sounds are definitely the top two marine speakers. Not cheap by any means though but definitely the best.
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    2020 NASCAR Thread

    Harvick or anyone that races for Stewart Haas..
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Way to go SEC!!! I really think LSU could beat a few NFL teams this year for sure.
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Neither one of those teams are going to beat LSU in the finals!
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    For Sale/Wanted Thread: NO BOATS OR MOTORS .... read rules please. Post in here only!!

    PTM Edge Holiday sale for an additional 20% discount.. I was able to talk my manager in to running another sale for all PTM Edge rear view mirrors and covers. We are calling it the Holiday sale and it will run through December 31st. It is another 20% discount with free shipping and no sales...
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Can't stand Alabama. They do play a weak schedule unfortunately.. Just stating the SEC is a far more dominant conference that has to play each other every year. I'd love to play # 16 Wisconsin and #14 Michigan rather than #2 Alabama, #1 LSU #6 Georgia #10 Florida and #12 Auburn.
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    If OSU played in the SEC they would be the third or fourth best team in the conference! definitely would be the conference champions every year. it's hard to play in the SEC when you have to play the all the teams in the top 10 every week. I wish my team only had to play one tough game a year!
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    I'm probably going to get flamed for this but my TN vols finally showed up for a game. Hopefully Pruitt has them going in the right direction!
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    End of Season Thanks

    Thank you for the kind words!! I hope everything has been taken care of and is working flawlessly.
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    Photo Shoot

    We were able to borrow a buddy of mine's Benny for a few hours on Friday to finally do a photo shoot. It was a nice day but the water was in the upper 50's... This is the PXR 100 Pro. Thought I would share..