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    Clips for boat bumpers

    Where do folks put any of these clips, or even tie off fenders, on a q series? The way the fence is so close to the seats and then it slopes down in the back makes it really tough.
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    Comment by 'Jimmyb' in media '224q1.jpg'

    Beautiful! Just got a 2017 25 QSB and love it! Good luck with her!
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    Fresh water tank

    Being new to a boat with a fresh water tank for the sink, I am wondering if/how this needs to be treated. Does anyone have this option and can advise as to how you maintain this? I read up on people explaining how to sanitize at the beginning of the season. I am more interested in knowing if...
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    Prop selection for Q25 w/300 Verado

    Resurrecting this thread because I just got a 2017 25 QSB. No radar arch with a Yamaha 250 SHO. With my family of 5 (three being kids) I was only seeing around 35 MPH WOT. Properly trimmed up and perfectly calm I would doubt I would get to 40 MPH. Before I go poking around changing things up, I...
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    New (to me) 25 QSB.

    We dock on the northeast end of the lake. Just opposite the dam.
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    New (to me) 25 QSB.

    In the past I’ve been on Lake Hopatcong in NJ because I grew up there and live close by now. We recently bought a lake house at Lake Wallenpaupak, PA so boating there now. Beautiful lake
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    New (to me) 25 QSB.

    100% agree!! He is actually the best first mate I could ask for. He is usually good about that
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    New (to me) 25 QSB.

    Just splashed my recently purchased 2017 25 QSB. Loving this thing so far! As many have mentioned, first upgrade is the stereo!
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    I see some with the KMC100 but I cannot seem to find that listed on any sites for sale except this one It's not too bad of a price so wondering if it's worth jumping to this or should I be skeptical because no one sells it?
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    I think you are correct Madison19. I was thinking the same thing. I have to see if the controller at the swim platform is compatible or if I need to replace that too. I would rather have the three RCA outputs so I can control each independently.
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    Tapping into RGB Lights

    Someone was discussing the same thing here Looks like he/she found the part number but never posted it for us to see. Sounds like this is totally do-able. If you do this, please share pics and part...
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    Adding an amp and subwoofer

    I am reading through all of your posts here hoping to get the answers I am looking for. Sounds like there are many different wiring, speaker, amp configurations available. I have the stock KMC10 with no subwoofer. I have 3 pairs of speakers. Bow, stern, and swim platform. I definitely need to...
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    For Sale/Wanted Thread: NO BOATS OR MOTORS .... read rules please. POST FOR SALE ITEMS IN THIS THREAD ONLY!!

    I am from NJ and found me the perfect Bennington for my family in Connecticut. We are super excited to splash her and get out on the lake but it does not come with a trailer and the dealer is telling me a new one is at lease a three week wait. I am looking into having it delivered but that's...
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    Covering boat while transporting

    Thanks all for the advice and feedback. You probably saved me my mooring cover!
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    Covering boat while transporting

    Reading through this forum I see that Bennington does not recommend having the mooring cover on while transporting/trailering the boat. On my older pontoon I used to always leave the cover on. What does everyone do while transporting? Leave it open? What if there is bad weather?