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    jmoreland replied to the thread Sold the Benny.
    We bought it from the original owners in 2016 and they hadn’t used since 2012 or 2013. It needed a lot of TLC at the time but it tuned...
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    jmoreland posted the thread Sold the Benny in Pontoon Forum.
    Well it’s kind of a bitter sweet day. I sold my 2001 2575FS. I bought the boat in 2016 and have done a ton of work to it but just really...
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    jmoreland replied to the thread Fuel on Lake Norman......
    4.40 a gallon no ethanol at our dock just outside of Knoxville, TN
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    I sprayed them first with Starbrite mildew remover and then rinsed off completely. Then we started scrubbing with Starbrite ultimate...