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    Bunks for my lift.

    Sounds like a good idea. Would it be possible to provide the name of the company you found these at?
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    Picking up our 1st Bennington Friday!!

    Agree! I'm 6'3" and am glad we don't have the railing for the same reason. I think it's easier to move around in the back without the railing.
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    depth finder, transducer

    Came across this link on a website named Site is promoting their own product (adhesive transducer) which I believe is more applicable to v-hulls but article has some good info on transducer placement and angles for getting accurate depth readings at higher speeds. I have not had...
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    My New 30QX is here !

    Now that's a seriously nice ride!! Congrats!
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    Ceramic coating.

    Is the sharkhide something you do yourself? Looks like there is a cleaner product as well as a protective product. Do you do both when you apply? I know every situation / lake condition may be different but what would you say is a typical length of protection?? Our boat sits on a lift out...
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    SimTex or Traditional Vinyl

    Would using a steamer on this spot be a possibility to heat the material and possibly get it to release and be removed with some cleaner like Fantastik?? Not sure how the Simtex would react to the steam but might be worth considering.
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    Upgrading to 2021 23SSBX Last Day Questions

    We bought a used 2019 23SX Premium SSBXP swingback last December and it has the raised helm. Only had it out twice so far but I really like the additional height. Sounds like this is not a common feature on this model. My two cents but I’d get it if I were to ever buy another.
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    Placed an order, got home, realize that Ski Pylon 54" instead of Tow bar with ESP

    Along lines of tubing does anyone use the "booster balls" that are placed in between the tubers and boat to help with rope drag and ride efficiency? They seem to get pretty good reviews online but was just curious of any club members experience with these. Would these reduce some of the strain...
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    SimTex or Traditional Vinyl

    Thanks for the pics. Gives me hope in keeping ours looking as good. They are light colored as well (sandstone) and I am a little nervous about them showing stuff. This will be our first summer of boating. Looking forward to it.
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    SimTex or Traditional Vinyl

    Good to know. What color of simtex seating to you have on your boat? You mentioned clean up. Assuming you just use the recommended soap and water wash to clean up with?
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    Swingback rail seats?

    Nice cooler / location. Looks like a flagpole base mounted on floor next to cooler. Have you been happy with it there? Deciding where to put ours on the same deck configuration. Guess's it's not a toe-stubber as long as the cooler is there!
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    New Boat Pics

    A boating course is definitely in the plans Big Kahuna! Both myself and my wife are planning to complete in the next month. May even have my son and son-in-law take it as well.
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    New Boat Pics

    Thanks. Yea, we talked a little about that earlier. Northern part of the lake is definitely an area to be careful on (or completely stay away from). Lake is known more as a great fishing lake but there are from what I’ve heard areas that are predominantly more favorable for cruising/tubing...
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    New Boat Pics

    Recently purchased a home on Lake Livingston (+/- 90,000 acres) in SE Texas about 1.5 hrs NNE of Houston, Tx. Looking forward to spending as much time as possible on the lake with family and friends. This is all new to us so we're learning as we go!
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    New Boat Pics

    Thanks Daril. Yea I’ve become a believer in sunscreen over the last several years. I do have the SPS package with lifting strakes on the center tube, however, I see what you mean when looking at the pic I posted from the stearn. The angle of that shot did not show them as the center strakes...