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    Color Selection

    Awesome. Congratulations post pics when you can love to see it.
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    Color Selection

    Thanks we really like it and haven’t seen another one like it yet.
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    First Benny on Its Way! 2022 26LXFBC

    Looks awesome. Congratulations hope you get it soon. We just took delivery of our 2022 LX23 on Dec 23rd and love it.
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    New boat... Accessories time!

    If you plan to tie up with other friends boats I’d suggest getting 4 larger inflatable bumpers. I use ones that are 10” diameter and 28” long
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    First Pontoon, New Build

    Another option if you went with the Yamaha 150 SHO it can have the ECU flashed to increase output to a 200 HP if the initial cost difference is too much this may be less expensive option. I have the 200 Yamaha SHO on my 2022 L23 and it gives me the option to flash it to a 300. Food for thought.
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    base vs seagrass vs bamboo flooring

    Just got our new 2022 L23 and has upgraded flooring but don’t remember what it’s called. Dealer had it ordered for someone else that wasn’t able to take it. Like the look and feel of it so far.
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    Yamaha 150 vs 200 SHO

    Just got my new 2022 L23 Last weekend. I went with the 200 SHO that can be flashed to a 300. It’s very quiet and has awesome acceleration. Had 6 adults on it and was up to 40 mph without trimming in a flash. Was a $2500 adder over the F200 Yamaha the dealer had originally priced me.
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    Color Selection

    Agree the online build is tough to tell. I took delivery of my new LX23 last weekend and it’s smoky granite with black out package and firecracker accent stripe. In the shade it looks black. In the Sun there’s good contrast and I love it. Front of the boat in this pic you’ll see the contrast but...