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    Lake Norman snowfall.....

    Haven’t seen snow in person since December 27th 2017. My son keeps asking me to take him to Michigan so he can see it
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    Lake Norman snowfall.....

    I’d love to have one snow a year.
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    New Bennington Owner in 2022 - Boat Hoist Questions

    What ever you get make sure it is motorized. My wife was trying to kill me in Michigan with a manual crank up one.
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    The Great Loop in a Bennington

    If anyone is doing the loop and needs a place to park the boat and rest for the night let me know!
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    Saltwater pontoon different from freshwater?

    I ordered mine with the saltwater package when we lived in Michigan just in case we ever moved. Glad we did as a few years later we’re now in fl. I think the construction is the same but they add an additional bracket on the toons for anodes etc. I also ordered sealed strakes so marine life and...
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    third price increase

    I’m happy I’m not in the market for a new boat. This inflation is out of control.
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    Lake View Today

    Here was my view this evening
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    Lake View Today

    I’m planning on taking mine out tomorrow! Safe travels Jeff.
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    Lake View Today

    Hold my beer BigD
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    Win Win

    I love the boat but that custom trailer is sweet! Wouldn’t fit my EZGO Express L6 though!
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    Custom Trailer Arrived!

    Damn! Nice.
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    What model do you Own and What is your age?

    My wife’s cousin is out there. I’ve seen photos and that is a beautiful area.
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    Michigan “Boating” in December

    Looks like a blast!
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    Hang in there Jeff!
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    Lake is “Bearly” beginning to freeze

    Still open here too. Glad the bear made it out!