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    Gorgeous day to put the boat away.....

    Bass are cute
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    Northerners get the last laugh

    Eye just missed us to the north so no issues at my place. Our local boardwalk and public dock/slips took a beating though
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    Northerners get the last laugh

    This will be nothing compared to what the west side of the state saw with Ian. Those poor folks saw a major hurricane. This is a baby one
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    Northerners get the last laugh

    I like to give you guys a hard time this time of year but the reality is you all don’t have to deal with these damn hurricanes and tropical storms. I’m directly in the path of Nicole and around midnight or so it will hit my place. Fingers crossed and hoping everything makes it through unscathed...
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    Shims in my 200hp Suzuki out of specs

    Sounds like someone is trying to shim some money out of your wallet.
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    Boating Memes:

    My buddies grandpa always compared milwaukees best to “panther piss”
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    Bennington Survey - Electric Boats

    2-stroke marine exhaust is the official smell of summer fun.
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    Is the factory cover sufficient for Florida sun?

    I added a canopy to my lift here in FL. Keeps the sun off and the rain too!
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    Sharrow props

    Thinking about my next build and curious what it would add to a build. For instance, is a 250 with a sharrow comparable to a 300 from a pricing standpoint or close? If it were or even a little more I’d go the 250 route based on the overall improvements the prop makes.
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    Sharrow props

    What did that baby cost?
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    Steering Problems

    My neighbor had this issue pop up on his Yamaha 300. It turned out to be the helm control was the issue (hydraulic steering). I can say it made for a fun ride in from offshore and through the inlet with intermittent steering!
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    Mold/mildew treatment?

    I use mckees 37. Works amazing here in Florida
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    Interesting Day at Boat Ramp

    I was worried this was going to end with the truck in the lake!
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    Hurricane tie down?

    So sorry to hear this. This is the part of Florida that I hate with these damn hurricanes. I’m on the east coast if you need anything
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    2023 25 QSB - FINALLY after 1 year

    Is this your third boat now? Absolute beauty!