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    Nav light in stainless housing replacement

    I have my eye on something…
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    Nav light in stainless housing replacement

    So my green starboard nav light died a while back and I need to get around to replacing. Problem is it seems the unit Bennington used is no longer available. It’s an attwood series 3500. In the event I cannot locate one, any ideas on how to rig up a new led behind the old lens? I think if I can...
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    Holiday weekend.....

    We’re going out tomorrow night for the local fireworks.
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    Why it’s worth it!

    For me it’s all about family time. We had our son on the boat when he was three days old. He turns 7 next month. It’s amazing how much he’s grown since we’ve moved down here. Also, everyone is always happier on a boat!!!
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    Storms becoming more common?

    No direct hits. Dorian was a scare as it was approaching as a cat 5. Jim cantore was in town doing his broadcast for the weather channel so that is never a good sign!!! My neighborhood is on the other side of that bridge in the background. Fingers crossed we’ll be spared this year
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    Storms becoming more common?

    We had a doozy of a thunderstorm recently. 6 inches of rain in a hour and half. Flooded the road. Not to downplay wind up there but nothing is worse than waiting to see if you are going to get hit by a hurricane
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    Power Assist Install

    Agree on the ease of steering with power assist. Makes it so much more enjoyable.
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    Fishing pole holders

    Have a link?
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    Stray electricity near your dock?!?

    Good reminder. I have dock power but haven’t tested. I never jump in to swim though. I’ll have to look into this
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    Michigan water levels

    My water levels move up and down daily! I’d rather have more water than not enough for boating.
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    Finally arrived!

    Nice. I’m on the east coast in Palm City
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    Finally arrived!

    Nice!!! Where do you boat?
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    In the Water

    Jack, what about putting sand bags on the starboard side to level it out?
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    In the Water

    Damn. Jeff’s bad luck spreads faster than Covid!
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    In the Water

    Congrats Jack! Love it!