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    Parting is such sweet sorrow

    Come visit us in Az it's boating season almost year-round. I'll take you for a ride and you can tell me what I need to add. Whatever you do sick around here and hang out with your friends once in a while.
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    Polished Toons

    Thank You...Its a company out of California "Extreme Trailer"
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  4. 2015 Extreme Trailer

    2015 Extreme Trailer

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    Polished Toons

    I have been buying it by the gallon but I think they sell it in 5 gallon also. If so that's how I will order it next time.
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    Polished Toons

    What are you waiting for it's only 115 here...get on it...hahaha I just see it as an excuse to drink a cold beer.
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    Polished Toons

    Jenks, I have been using the Hot Sauce on the panels, fencing, motor and stainless rub rail since I bought it two years ago. I wouldn't use anything else. I absolutely love the product. I have confirmed with the Boat Bling Rep. I always get people saying "oh new boat" or "first trip out"? I just...
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    Polished Toons

    I only have these however, I have the guy here today repolishing and I will get more pics when done. I am going to the first weld from the back on the center toon as well as the nose cone.
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    Polished Toons

    Mine are down to the bunks and nose cones on the inside and center.