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    Rockford PMX-2 Issues

    It could be the amp and not the head unit. I have the same setup and my amp went out and did very similar to yours.
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    Raised helm or not YES or NO

    Looks good. I'm going to have to look at mine now. I don't like how low it feels either. The projects never seem to end! I could probably help myself out by not looking at this forum quite so much :D
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    We went with what they had/could get, Ameristar by American Standard. We priced a Bosch high efficiency unit, but it was $19,700 plus it would have been Friday, July 1st on the install and be a more difficult install. I was told the same thing about a lot of the parts are the same between brands.
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    Just replaced our 11 year old unit. Just under 12k but I did pay extra for a 12 year parts, labor, and freon warranty and they are 24/7 7 days a week. Hopefully the company stays in business!
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    Nav light in stainless housing replacement

    You could use a temporary in the short term...
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    Holiday weekend.....

    We anchored on the outer edge of everyone and didn't have much problem getting out. It was the nuts going way too fast for nighttime that had my head on a swivel.
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    Holiday weekend.....

    Wow, that's a busy cove. If the name fits what goes on, and I'm sure it does, I would leave the boat docked and swim too! We did go by boat to a fireworks show tonight that probably had a couple of hundred boats attending. It was a great show, but I was glad to get back to the boathouse.
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    Quality mirror for a Bennington 30qx

    PTM. Expensive but worth it.
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    Why it’s worth it!

    I don't have any pictures, but memorial day 2021 we had my sister in law and her husband and their friends up with their twin 3 year old girls. Pulling them on the tube and hearing the squeals and laughing was great. Then one of the girls proclaimed that day as the "best day ever". Priceless for me!
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    Roswell audio upgrade

    I ended up buying a boat my dealer had that someone backed out of taking. It has the kicker 6.5's and the kicker sub and amp upgrade. So, I didn't end up with the roswell set up. However, the kicker sub is pretty good for bass at the helm but bass is only felt an
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    How fast should my pontoon go?

    Interesting new cupped design on your prop ;). What did you hit?
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    I use a super siphon as well. A 3/4 one sucks 5 gallons out in a little over a minute. A 1/2 takes around 3 minutes, I think.
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    In the Water

    My first boat leaked when it was new. Dealer had the leak welded and replaced the log that winter. Just a minor inconvenience, but most new or used things have a few issues to work through. Hope it all goes smoothly!
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    In the Water

    Looks great and I see you got wings on the gate too!
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    I love your attitude about this after having some time to let the situation sink in for you. Just be the bigger person until it's time to not be. Hopefully that time doesn't come.