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    Vermin control

    Try cutting a dog or cat flea collar in to pieces around 2” long and drop them all the hard to access places. Use them all the time to keep birds, bees and other small critters away..
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    22SF Stock Speaker Size

    Mine has 6.5’s and 12” Subs. Amps are 1000 watts and 500 watts each. I’ll be changing the two rear facing speakers with Revo 8”s over the winter.
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    Bimini Cable Stays

    X2 what potomacbassin said. If speed was my goal I’m not sure I would’ve bought a pontoon.. Also if I wanted to go fast on any boat, I’m certain I wouldn’t have the Bimini up. Just me though, to each their own.
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    Now the bad news…

    I’ve seen tires wear like that from balancing issues as well as what was mentioned above about constant turning in the same direction, mostly backing up. My tow rig doesn’t always engage the reverse lock and sometimes the tires do skid the length of any turn in the driveway. I could see that...
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    New Boat Does Not Sit Level

    Never even saw the post was old and was seriously looking for a winter prop…
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    Now the bad news…

    If you have an alignment issue the tire on the other side would show an irregular wear pattern as well. If not what your seeing could be a bent rim or even a balance issue. You could try swapping the rim and tire with another one maybe from the opposite side and see if it changes anything. I...
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    Pontoon boat bimini light pole won't stay up

    The base on mine was replaced a few times by the dealer and I finally just swapped it out for this one. Works best if you put it in one position and leave it alone.
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    I’ve done mine a couple times and never lost engine data. You do need to know what transducer you have and a few other things but it’s really not that complex once you get to know the functions and it might take you more than one reset to get it all right, kind of learning as you fumble through...
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    Battery switch position change

    Turning the switch off will prevent parasitic drain from depleting your batteries, an ACR will prevent your running accessories from pulling your batteries down to a point you can’t start your engine. Best way I can explain it. If you plan to charge when not in use then to me it seems the only...
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    Battery switch position change

    My boat has the Fast Back so I’m interested in this thread and the parts you need to do this. Should just be longer cables to the batteries and you can find them already made up at all the auto parts stores and online.
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    Battery switch position change

    You are lucky or just living right or both. Someone once said it’s better to be good than lucky but being both is priceless! I’ve had batteries go dead from parasitic drain and couldn’t be recharged. I switch my batteries sometimes twice while I’m out just keep them up but again I’m running...
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    Battery switch position change

    Longer cables for each battery as well. I’d like to move my batteries since both are on the helm side and make the boat lean to that side even when no one is on the boat. It can be done but my choices for relocation are not ideal since fuel system components run thru the other side compartments...
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    Helm cracks

    I’m waiting until the end of the season to get them the boat but warranty guy has the photos of my raised helm and will get started ASAP he said so when the new station is in we can start looking at when we can get things going. Not sure how I’ll act with 1/4 of my boat brand new?
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    Helm cracks

    Update: Dealer says the cracks are covered by Bennington and the entire raised helm station will be replaced beginning sometime in the fall. Looks like I’m getting right front fence and siding now as well as the helm station replaced. One quarter new boat. Gotta love the warranty on this boat!
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    Helm cracks

    Just my luck.