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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    That’s the fun! Park, tie up, and let the sticker shock take effect.
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    fuel stabilizer in non ethanol gas

    It will help keep the fuel "fresh" over off season storage but it doesnt do much for in season fueling. No alcohol in ethanol free, obviously, so there isnt a water component to worry about. I put my boat to sleep last week for the summer because of the drought. Spoke to a few mechanics and...
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    Yamaha 4 stroke 150HP - Parking on Pneumatic Lift Question

    My boat mechanic has always told me to leave the motor trimmed all the way down when not in use. This is what I do, works well, lasts long time
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    West Marine discount combined with AMEX offer

    Just wanted to share... WestMarine is doing 20% off coolers and drink ware. AMEX is also doing a "spend $50, get $15 back." So not a bad deal to combine the two if anyone needs some Yeti gear. 20% off Yeti is a nice deal. Im getting a few insulated drinkware to hit the $50 to get the $15 back...
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    Boat stays on the lift year round, so the season "ends" normally late October when it gets a little chilly. Dallas has had 34 days now of no measurable rain and the 100+ degree temps each day is just eating up the water through evaporation. But yes, would love some water to be dumped to take it...
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    My season is officially over as of today. Texas droughts, have less than 2’ in slip and getting lower by the day. Battery tenders going on, tanks drained, will wash throughout the summer before putting cover on in fall for good. I would pay $20 a gallon for fuel right now if I could. Could be...
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    front bimini flew off

    I don’t have pins on my single Bimini. 2021 L series. Are the pins only on doubles? I keep mine below 25 with it up. Never had issues
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    PSA on center tube storage

    Exactly. Can’t leave the boat uncovered like that. Not trying to judge, but sure seems like a simple fix, like leaving the sunroof open on a car in a driveway for a week and hope it doesn’t rain
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    Holiday weekend.....

    Went out today, all the morons are out in full force. Wake surfers and your boats, can’t wait until it’s prohibited. The amount of wake caused by these boats blows my mind.
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    Gas Prices

    $7.70 in Texas.
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    Michigan water levels

    I should have 5’ in my slip right now, I have 2.5’ (Texas) and it’s going down by the day. Inside of 2’ is where I pull the plug out of concern to hit something that is now at “prop level” that wasn’t a few inches higher. Sucks but think 4th of July will be the end of the boat season and it...
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    New prices

    Wow. Always “fun” to see My 2021 build is $86k to build today. Sticker price last year when purchased $66k So 1/3 higher. Doubt I’m getting the sales price I got either. Paid $51k Curious to see what discount people are getting on new builds for L models today.
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    Welcome Change in Laws

    I cant stand wake surfing. Im sorry, but its a completely selfish form of entertainment on the lakes we all share. 1 wake surfing boat causes erosion damage to homeowners lots, damage to retaining walls, damage to boats, hazards to swimmers, etc. All this so one person can "hang 10". Ridiculous
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    docking aids

    I personally ordered it from a non Amazon seller to avoid that high shipping charge they had. And yes, 90% of the time I dock without it, it’s the 10% of the time that i glad I had it. We have a 3 year old. So most of the time it’s either me in the boat or the 3 of us. Roles are as follows...
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    Seat drainage

    My 2021 L doesn’t have holes either in the bottom, just the edges. Worst part was one day I was trying to get the water out after doing a wash down and had my hand in the bin, trying to soak water up, the flooring inside the compartment is very sharp in the corners with how the material...