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    Floating water pads

    We purchased a Aqua LilyPad and stored it most of the summer on the front of the boat with bungees.  Be careful to secure it well or as Jack M says, it will flip up and could cause injury at higher speeds.   The wife and kids love it.
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    Modifying Switches

    Thanks for the link - very helpful.  Shouldn't be too bad and will give it a shot in the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, won't be going to the lake this weekend so it will have to be next! If I happen to venture into the realm of trying a carling style dimmer switch, I'll let you know.
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    Modifying Switches

    Just got our 2250 GPD a few weeks ago and absolutely love it!  Traded in an older Benny for this one and its just perfect for us!  One thing I'd like to do now that I've been on the water for the past two weekends, is rewire the switches a bit.  My current configuration has the following: One...