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    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Fuse holder , usually uses a 20 amp fuse.
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    No PADS here. Ever. (Finally!)

    Now that is the way to think, I have owned Benningtons since 2002. my first lasted me 15 years until i upgraded to a tri toon. the only reason i did was because the lake I boat on is rough and as I got older I feel better on a tri toon. Have fun, make memories and enjoy your boat. That is what...
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    Mounting to the plywood

    I have had transducers for many years, run the cable ontop of the pontoon. personally i think conduit would hold water inside and do more damage. just my thoughts.
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    Bennington Brochure

    I have a brochure from 2003, looks like a postcard compared with what they have now.
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    Dead battery blues

    about 4-5 years.
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    Wiring or fuse short

    look at the battery, there should be a fuse located on the positive side.
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    Question on troubleshooting a starting issue

    the ignition switch is the easiest and cheapest thing to change.
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    Question on troubleshooting a starting issue

    check your neutral safety switch, another possibility is a bad ignition switch.
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    Replacement for Garmin Striker 4

    on my last bennington, i removed the broken fish finder, in those days they used hummongbird, but i had a hole in the dash, so I went to Home Depot and found some really nice round moulding, cut it to size, glued another square moulding with mitered edge and it looked like it came with the boat...
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    Are these welds really acceptable?

    no excuse for sloppy work ever, a company that constantly brags about their quality should have better quality control. I'v had a Bennington since 2002 and can tell you the first Bennington was much better quality wise than my new one.
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    New front gate?

    Try calling Bennington, I replaced one a few years ago.
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    Vehicle to tow

    I have a F150 with a 365 HP ecoboost. I had a dodge hemi and a dodge v-10, this ford tows way better than a dodge and gets better gas mileage.
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    OEM quality replacement covers for a Bennington Pontoon

    what part of the cpuntry are you from? i had Tumacs make a cover for my 2275 fsi . But they are about 2 miles from my house.