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    Mooring Cover Sealer

    As someone already mentioned, it's not supposed to be waterproof, unless you want a giant petri dish.
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    SS vs ALUMINUM prop

    My mechanic ... not a dealer, just a stand alone, always busy, always angry, independent boat mechanic. I broker boats now and then and have two I call "my mechanic" as we use them a lot.
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    SS vs ALUMINUM prop

    I was under the impression that above a certain HP you pretty much had to use a stainless prop. However, the boat I just bought, which has a 225 HP Honda, is equipped with an aluminum prop. When I told one of our mechanics I wanted to put an SS on it he strongly recommended against it. His...
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    Boat Demand is HIGH !!

    I don't want to be a spoil sport but the world is in a giant bubble right now and there are a lot of pins around and more coming. I would be careful betting too much on the market staying hot. It might be very localized or it might be "coasting" from the busy selling season that was most of...
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    Important question; please read and respond (wink wink)

    Yeah, I can't help the Gilligan's Island image when I hear that word. "Round these parts" some of the locals call dinner "supper." I always chuckle when I hear that because we fed our dog supper but we ate dinner. It might be because most of the dog food cans back then had the word "supper"...
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    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    You think repeating an 8% increase every year is even possible? At that rate it only takes 9 years to double the price. I've bought and sold two R classes so far. It wasn't long ago a 2017 R with a decent set of options had an MSRP between $90K and $98K and could be bought in the mid to high...
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    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    Those aluminum increases are VERY recent as in this year. Bennington has been raising their prices around 8% per year for many years now and besides that small an increase should have little to no effect on the retail price anyway.
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    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    Wow, you shouldn't have trouble in Michigan. I'm in NC and nearly bought a Benny from two different MI dealers who were MUCH more aggressive with the discounts than anywhere else I found. The only reason I didn't was because a somewhat local dealer came through with a decent price on a...
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    Electric Bemini top

    I'm not at all a fan of the electric bimini. The main reason is somewhat related to what the OP is referring to. I just hate how it suddenly crashes down on everything (and everybody) when being lowered. Then it's much more difficult to cover than the conventional bimini. Adding 29" to 30"...
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    Double Bimini top.....

    Oh, I get it . . . the dog in the front pushes the bow down enough to fit under that bridge! Good thinking!! :);)
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    Question about pontoon construction

    Too bad that separate chamber technique didn't help the Titanic! Renegade, it's a 2018? Are you not going to take it to the dealer for this?
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    Throttle member asking

    I had to turn mine in WAY more turns than I thought I would need before it would hold. As long as you don't feel any massive resistance, keep turning the screw in.
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    Vmax vs standard F series yamaha

    It was a 23RCW so a foot longer than your model.
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    Vmax vs standard F series yamaha

    I owned two 250 hp Yamahas. The first was the grey "Offshore" model and the second was the VF250 SHO. The grey one had a 3.3L block for which 250hp was the upper limit and the SHO had the 4.2L block. These two had different gear ratios so the grey one had a 19P prop and the SHO started with a...
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    Battery Question

    The age of the battery will matter too. Their lifespan seems to be somewhere between 3 and 7 years (size of course dictates as well). If it's a brand new battery, you could probably go all day and be fine. A 3 year old one, maybe half that. A 6 year old one, maybe don't shut the engine off...