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    Fuel Guage

    I have a 2011 20 sli with a fuel guage problem. They changed the sending unit no good. Talked with a factory rep and their is a design problem on the 20 sli. The bottom of the gas tank is round not flat and the sending unit will not work. They advised me they were working on the problem and...
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    Fuel gage misreading

    I have a 2011 20sli. The first time I fueled it the gauge was beween 1/2 and 3/4 tank and took 17 gallons of fuel. The fuel tank capacity is 24 gallons. The second fueling took 11 gallons and the gauge read between 3/4 and full. At this time the dealer called Bennington tech and they stated...
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    Looking forward to spring and our new Bennington!

    Just got my 20 Sli. Still in Fl but will be back in Ny middle of April. Dealer said he would be ready to put it in the water. Looking forewar to a nice summper on Chautauqua Lake.