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    Lake Norman snowfall.....

    It’s the first real significant snow fall of the year. Good thing it didn’t happen Saturday night during the Bills football game. Here in WNY we just crack open a beer and start over tomorrow.
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    Lake Norman snowfall.....

    Just got 18 inches here in Western New York.
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    third price increase

    I just ordered a 24LSB on 12/15. On 12/16 my dealer called and said Bennington just announced a 7% increase as of 12/16. Checked to make sure my order was not affected by the increase. It wasn’t. Dodged a bullet.
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    Rub rail

    Just placed my order today for a 24 LSB the rub rails and popup cleats were available.
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    What model do you Own and What is your age?

    2018 23SSBXP 115 Yamaha. 71
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    So sorry for your loss. RIP Boone
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    Twin Ellipticals vs. Tri -Toon

    Thanks for all your input. Looks like I’m gonna go with the SPS .
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    Twin Ellipticals vs. Tri -Toon

    looking for performance comparisons between aa SPS TriToon and a twin Elliptical pontoon with streaks and wave shielding. Both have a 175 Yamaha. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Black Bimini tops and mooring cover.

    Sounds crazy but, I hung a stuffed owl from my Bimini and haven’t had a problem since.
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    Better late than never

    Great looking boat. Best of luck with it.
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    Nicely done. Love it.
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    Bimini boots

    Warranty mabye?
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    Boating Memes:

    Great win for thenSpartans. One of the best college games this season. Go Green
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    Your 2021 College Football Thread

    Parent of a Spartan here. Always loved going to MSU for his hockey games. The outdoor hockey game was a blast.
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    Way to go Bennington!!!

    That’s awesome.