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    Just bought a 2023 L22 LSR

    How many ponies are you pushing that with?
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    Merry Christmas!

    Unfortunately, those of us in WNY are looking at 3 ft and 60 to 70 mph wind gusts. I will just sit in my recliner and dream of this up coming summer. ( and have a few pops)
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    Wind Storm Ice Piles

    Here in WNY no ice on any of the smaller lakes yet.
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    Decorating as I dam well please.

    It would really be cool if the TP automatically dispensed when you hit the throttle.
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    Gate Glide Feedback

    Have them on my 2022 L24. Love them. Easy to use.
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    I fill gas cans when going to the lake, but once I’m there the marina makes more sense. It takes me an hour to go get gas from the cottage and will cost me $ 10 in gas . So if the marina gas is is $2/ gal more I’ve already spend a dollar of that savings going to the gas station. so now the...
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    Gauge lights

    Ok. Here’s the deal. I have multiple function gauges which are not addressed in the owners manual. They are addressed in the Yamaha motor booklet. The directions are in the booklet on how to change the brightness of the backlighting as well as all the other functions of the gauges. So I will...
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    Gauge lights

    Have 2022 L24 SB. Took it out in the dark last night and my gauges were not lit. i assumed they were supposed to. Any idea on how to turn them on? All other lights worked fine.
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    Stray electricity near your dock?!?

    That’s why I went solar with my boat lifts. Scared to death about water/ elec. Combo.
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    Love our Spinning Steering Wheel Knob

    We older guys back in the day used them on our car steering wheels. they were known then as “suicide handles” Lol.
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    Countdown clock at zero! New R23 on the dock!

    Best of luck on the new rig.
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    Spring in Michigan

    Another father of a Spartan living in WNY.
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well.
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    Stand alone canopy

    When we’re at our lake house we cover the boat every night but we don’t pit the poles in unless there is a chance of rain. Works fine for us.
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    Just arrived

    Rushford Lake about 60 miles SE of Buffalo.