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    Why it’s worth it!

    I don't have any recent pictures, but for us, it's about spending time with family and friends and making unplugged memories (without phones, tv, etc). The cost of owning/maintaining/operating (gas) the boat is the cost. We don't even think twice about it and we are by no means the...
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    Dual Batteries?

    I have dual batteries and carry a jump pack on board. I figure the jump pack would be likely used by others at tie-ups, etc before me, but always good to have. Can't be too safe.
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    Fuel Gauge Issue - Bouncing between empty and nearly full

    Is it bouncing while underway? or at idle? I've notice mine bounces around when i'm underway. Certain times more than others....
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    Domed numbers caution.

    I had a set that was damaged in shipping, their customer service was great. Basically overnighted me a new set at no cost. Maybe it's worth a call if it's not right?
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    Snow on my playpen cover

    I thought that pic looked like our lake.....I dont think we got that much snow anyway. Based on what I saw on my cameras, may have been only a couple inches, and it's all gone now.
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    Slip cost.....

    In our community, it's about $1,200 a season, the local marinas are close to $2k. That's for a May-October season. Winter storage is additional...
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    Need to change spark plugs on VF90 outboard

    I agree with this. That's how i've also done it with waverunners too. fog in the fall. change plugs in the spring after the first ride. however, i have yet to change plus on my outboard.
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    Need to change spark plugs on VF90 outboard

    No problem, They should be similar though. Report back what you find.
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    Need to change spark plugs on VF90 outboard

    Plugs should be in the back of the motor, under the coil packs. See this video, should be the same for yours:
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    Need to change spark plugs on VF90 outboard

    Those are fuel injectors.
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    What is the consensus out there with regards to fuel level at the end of the season?

    First, I add Stabil Marine at EVERY fill up. Per my dealer, I drop it off at the end of the season with approx 1/2 tank. They stabilize the remaining fuel. Then, when it gets wet in the spring, I fill the tank with fresh fuel and I'll run it down as low as I safely can before the 2nd fill up.
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    Do you cover boat when wet?

    I always cover my boat when I'm done for the day. Wet or dry. Knock on wood, haven't had any issues. Especially in the summer heat, the boat gets cooked everyday.
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    8'6" beam or 10' beam?

    Do you plan to dock your boat in a slip? the slips in my area are mostly 10' wide max. so, you'd never get a 10' beam boat in there....
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    From Facebook- dealer meeting

    If it's in the zebrawood, i wonder if I buy it and add it to my boat
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    From Facebook- dealer meeting

    Is that tray/table on the tow bar new? I don't recall seeing that before. How does it attach?