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    Using bleach to clean the boat seats

    You can put Vaseline on the threads to protect from bleach or Marine 31. Easy to remove after cleaning. Before Marine 31 I would soak paper towels in a bleach mix and let them set on the mildew areas for a 5 minutes. No scrubbing and kept water and rags near by in case some of the mixture got...
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    SIMRAD GO 7 Sun Cover

    A local sign shop gave me a sample piece of static cling to try. The only colors they have are white and clear. It looks like it will stay on while under way if I wanted. When not in use you could cling it to the helm under the steering wheel. They said they could color it for ~$20. I'm...
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    SIMRAD GO 7 Sun Cover

    Would a white static cling sign/decal work?
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    SIMRAD GO 7 Sun Cover

    It will not fit. Even if I trimmed the top edge to fit under the dash shade, the Simrad cover is too wide and too thick to fit in the recessed mount.
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    SIMRAD GO 7 Sun Cover

    My dash is like yours. I just ordered another cover from Amazon to see if it will. The first one was too big. I think if I get the right one it will be too tight of a fit on the top side so I might trim it to fit. If it doesn't fit, I can ship it back to Amazon at no charge.
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    Which color LEDs for boat interior?

    Anyone know where to get the bimini frame mounted switch that is used for the blue LED's mounted on the underside of the bimini top?
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    Water Slamming up under boat

    Here's a photo of what I had added to the flat spots that are about 3'-4' front the stern.
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    Question on troubleshooting a starting issue

    Did you replace the solenoid on the starter or the relay? If you replaced the solenoid on the starter the problem is probably the relay.
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    Revolution 4 versus Enertia Results

    You should be able to raise the motor with the Rev4 which could change your numbers.
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    Bunk Replacement

    You can also use composite decking on top of your 2X4s'. In my area, Menards has 20' and the other big box stores only carried up to 16'.
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    Broken anchor light plug on bimini top mounting rail and mounting bolts

    Here is a link to bolts - The electrical connector is a snap plug. These might work, not sure they are the right size. I test one on my boat this weekend if needed. You can get them on Amazon...
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    Mercury outboard cleaning

    I've had good luck with Hot Sauce water spot remover. The bass guys in my area swear by it. After a couple of uses it helped to prevent new water spots.
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    SIMRAD GO 7 Sun Cover

    I have a flush mounted GO7 and did not get a cover. I tried a cover, but the the sun shield on the dash was too close to the GO7 to put on.
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    Motor capabilities and ECU flashes

    Simon is not offering tunes and said they won't be offering them in the future.
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    water spray guard

    After I put the Atlas jack plate on, the water was spraying forward 2' inside my center rear door when running between 20 & 30 MPH. I made splash guards out of 1/4" lexan to stop the water from spraying. While I had the boat at a local welder for other work, I had him take my lexan guards and...