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    Radio remote

    I have the same issue. I purchased a 21 SSRX in June and the Sony DSX-M50BT manual says it has a RM-X231 remote. I checked the internet and all documentation on this radio (even though it has been discontinued) lists a remote as standard equipment. A friend of mine bought his Bennington last...
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    Maintaining Bimini Tops and Playpen/Mooring cover

    Thanks. So if I prefer to not put the cover on the Bimini, I can use the strap to hold the Bimini closed without it's cover. Being 5'10", I find I need to stand on my seats to get the Bimini cover on. Tricky when the Lake is rough.  
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    Maintaining Bimini Tops and Playpen/Mooring cover

    I just purchased my first boat, a Bennington pontoon. What is the purpose of the strap that runs across the back of the dock cover? After I cover the boat I just hook the strap across the back, but there is so much length to the strap I feel like I am not using it for the right reason. Also, the...