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    Non Standard Toon Configuration

    The challenge with the elliptical tubes is the centerline of the tubes are about 8" narrower than the round tubes. I adjusted my bunks towards the middle of my Hoosier trailer as far as they will go.
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    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Has the touch screen on your XTS gone bad yet. Ours has delaminated and doesn't work and now the flashers turn on by themselves while parked. Great car otherwise.
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    South Dakota PD hunt

    Ok, never heard of them. My first thought was Freon sprayed down the chamber, but we can not do that anymore. Never shot the 22-250 enough that I needed to cool the rifle but there are not that many groundhogs in a field.
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    South Dakota PD hunt

    Tell me about a chamber cooler.
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    South Dakota PD hunt

    You might want to apply for the tax stamp today so you will have it by next year. Also look into a trust for ownership of the cans.
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    Front top Still have it and use it sometimes.
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    Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    I had power assist added to my 22' 150 Merc last month and just used the boat for two weeks every day fishing in Canada. The power assist worked perfectly. I added it for docking the boat because at slow speeds you need both hands to turn the wheel but you also needed throttle and you ran out...
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    Access to Engine-Inboard

    If you disconnect the actuator, you can raise the lid to vertical. Just make sure you remove the ski pylon so you don't dent the trim on the hatch.
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    Just back from Canada. Fuel was $40.00 for each 5 gallon gas jug. Paid $188.20 to fill the truck for the trip home. Found new (old style plastic gas cans - spout and a vent). Bought 2 of them to bring home. Only souvenir I bought this year. On the trip up (500 miles), I tried 92 octane...
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    Upholstery repair

    We had our 2008 25RCW completely reupholstered last fall at Lake Cumberland. It was $8500. We were going to replace the carpet but after talking to the Bennington dealer and learning what a nightmare that process was we decided we could live with the old carpet. We had a new mooring cover...
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    Gas Prices

    We filled it up and did not worry about it. Owned Gas Stations for 30 years and everybody thought we were making a fortune and at $5.00 a gallon we lost money. That's way we changed industries. It's really nice to have weekends with my wife.
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    2014 21 slx trim motor not working

    Make sure you have fluid in the reservoir for the trim.
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    Power Assist Install

    I was very much surprised it was easier then the I/O steering . BUT IT IS GREAT
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    Power Assist Install

    I had a used power assist unit installed on the 22' Mercury 150hp last week. We took it out Friday and the difference is amazing. For all the members that have asked about getting power assist or thinking about it for their new build, my advice is it is worth it. We had taken the boat to our...
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    Gas Prices

    Lake Cumberland on the water was $6.99 for 90 octane no corn. $5.49 on land.