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    Fuel Venting Issue (causing incorrect fuel reading & motor to shut off)

    I purchased my boat back in 2016 (2221 SSX Bennington) and have had nothing but issues with water in my fuel tank since new. I Have had it drained twice now and finally enough is enough. After reading about others’ issues on this forum page where Bennington has owned up to the defect of where...
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    Issues with water in gastank?

    These are all great tips, all of which I have diligently followed since my boat was brand new. These are not my issues. I only ever use premium fuel, I have changed countless fuel water separators and have now had my tank drained and flushed completely TWICE. This most recent time the...
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    Issues with water in gastank?

    I own a 2016 SSXAPG Benny and have had nothing but issues with this for the past few years!! I’m still under warranty. Do you recall if Bennington has a bulletin to the dealers regarding this issue?? Problem for me is the dealer we bought our boat from is no longer dealing with benningtons and...