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    Boating Memes:

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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    Yes my tank was about half full when I filled up.
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    Have You Looked at Non Ethanol Price Today ?

    I filled my tank at the marina a few hours ago at $5.64 per gallon. Didn't sound too bad until I realized the fill up cost me over $155. o_O
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    Boating Memes:

    Maybe the best boat name ever?
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    Dinette Practicality

    We have a detachable table that sets up between the bow seats. Most of the time it is stored under the helm in a bag. What we find more convenient is a couple of large coolers with cup holders in the lid. So they hold drinks and act as a table, although a low one.
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    cleaning boat

    You might try Barkeepers Friend. I used it on my old boat when we had a stain on the rails.
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    New Era

    We have a Hydrohoist lift also. Agree with Jack, they are expensive but at our marina, that is the only brand of lift you can use. The marina is a Hydrohoist dealer. But after 10 years we have had no problems and are very pleased with the lift.
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    New Era

    Get a lift and keep the boat on the lift whenever you are not our cruising. Many of the marinas on Tennessee lakes rent lifts at a rate that is more cost efficient than buying a lift but if you have to buy one it is worth the investment.
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    My process is the same. I agree about the smell, although my wife actually likes the smell. But then she is not the one spraying it on. ;)
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    How should I clean white mildew off of black canvas Bimini? Also, spiders!

    We use Spider Away. We spray the edge of the dock after every outing and it does a pretty good job of keeping the spiders to a minimum. But you have to be consistent in its use.
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    Nasty hole in pontoon, heartbroken, please help

    I agree! I don't think there is anyway the insurance company would "total" the boat, especially given how much used boats are now selling for.
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    In the Water

    Beautiful boat! I have the same floor plan and love it.
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    I encountered one of the marina restaurants tacking on a 3% concession fee, even if you paid cash. The server couldn't explain what the fee was for. No such fee at the gas pumps though.
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    Welcome Change in Laws

    Tennessee has similar rules going into effect on July 1, 2022.
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    Boating Memes: