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    Important question; please read and respond (wink wink)

    When we are on the boat my 5 year old granddaughter calls me Captain and says she is my first assistant. Then she looks at her grandma and tells grandma that she is the assistant to the first assistant. Grandma doesn't take that too well. But when we are on land grandma gets all the 5 year...
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    About to order my first Bennington!

    Congratulations Brian. Looks like a great build. You can't go wrong with either canvas color. You must post pics once she arrives.
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    Fender storage

    We put ours in the under floor center tube storage.
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    Anyone know why there is a warning for CA resident?

    CA requires so many warnings that most manufactures simply add the warning to every product they make as it is cheaper than running a line for sale in CA and a separate line for sale everywhere else.
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    Today was the day! Took ownership of the 20SLG!

    Great boat and a great post! Loved the pics. Now we will need pics of her on the water. :)
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    And you have to give him credit for being an upstanding athlete and person for refusing to answer the post game questions about Dabo rating OSU at #11 in the coaches poll. Class act!
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    New Member

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum and Bennington family. As Vikingstaff said, we will want to see pictures when take delivery.
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    How do you store valuables?

    Our first boat was a "G" and had a small glove box under the steering wheel. Our current boat, a "Q", doesn't have that but does has a locking door under the console. We did not use either of those. When we took possession of the G it came with a soft sided cooler that is about 18" X 18" X...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    Fenders and Thoughts

    We also have the EZ Fender. Have never had an issue with them interfering with the mooring cover and we like the ease of using them and adjusting the height of the fender. We have the blackout package and went with black fenders. I purchased them in a four pack from Bass Pro for around $50.
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    Any Tips for New Boat?

    I have to say ditto to everything Vikingstaff said. No need for me to re-write it all. And if I did a copy paste I would be accused of plagiarism. :cool:
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    Boating Memes:

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    Boating Memes:

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    Tri-toon Storage...What do you store?

    We use it to store the fenders and mooring cover when underway and occasionally grand kids when they are misbehaving. :p
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    300 Yamaha vs 425 Yamaha

    I have a 250 Suzuki that is quieter than my previous 150 Yamaha.