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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    Wow. That's incredible. I am taking my boat to a new dealer this year and will discuss my issues with them in detail and see if they can help. Thanks again.
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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    Thanks much! I do have the full under skinning. Never knew that would make a huge difference. Appreciate the advice and I do look forward to trying the new prop.
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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    Update and another question please: everyone was so helpful with advice earlier and I greatly appreciated it then and now. I decided to wait until this year when I had my boat at the lake for the full year, instead of a river (Ohio River). This year I was running even worse. Top RPM's were...
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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    2nd from the top I am pretty sure.
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    Help needed and info regarding Member Willb

    So very sorry for your loss and you will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Got to get up and personal with the new bowrider model at the boat show this week - my observations and photos inside

    Man I love it and coming from a bowrider don't think the lack of a front gate would bother me that much. But the price, yes. Still, I love this and the color scheme. I only saw the red one earlier and that wasn't my cup of tea. This is awesome.
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    Retrieving the boat, back onto the trailer, can be a real pain!

    May have to get some of these. I've only loaded my boat twice and both times have been challenging. I too have had many boats; v-hulls that are almost self loading. And a pontoon that wasn't that difficult, but the tri-toon seems more challenging.
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    Pontoon fender mounting clips, who uses what?

    I use the EZ fenders as well. I would also suggest you search for this topic here as there was a lot of feedback when I was looking about a year ago. While I like the EZ fenders generally, I have found sometimes it's not easy to always thread the rope through every time you want to hang the...
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    Built a boat. Submitted to Bennington.

    Hey, good luck! I did the exact same thing last year. Built "my" boat probably 50 times on the website with different options, etc. Took it to the Louisville Boat show and had them price it. The Bennington rep was there and helped the dealer and I come up with some changes. I wanted the ESP...
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    New 3D boat builder

    I'm too afraid to look. Did my damage last year without 3-d. God only knows what I would have done with it.
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    Christmas present came a little early

    Damn! Beautiful! Congratulations.
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    Congratulations! I was exactly where you are last year. Had my boat one year and love it. We...

    Congratulations! I was exactly where you are last year. Had my boat one year and love it. We bought a lot at Nolin Lake in KY, but haven't built yet. Congrats again!
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    Fall Break in central FL

    Great pictures! I'd love to still be boating!
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    End of Season Boating

    Congratulations! Beautiful family and wonderful that you are still enjoying summer!
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    I love college football with a passion and my team is on the rebound (and rebuilding). I'm a die hard University of Louisville fan and we play Notre Dame on Monday. We went 2-10 last season, but have a new coach and hoping for better. Still love to watch all the others! Go CARDS!