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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    I added them to my last boat. I angled them towards the stern to minimize water entry under speed. Check carefully underneath the boat before you drill so you don't hit a crossmember or wire.
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    Switch Layout 2011 22SFI

    I think the mood light switch originally only controlled the small push on/off courtesy light above the helm door. I added my own RGB light strips under the fronts of the couches. That's why that switch got renamed the dance floor. :p
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    Switch Layout 2011 22SFI

    My last boat was a 2011 GCW. Here is the "before" shot. Middle one says DOCKING on the top and MOOD LTS on the bottom.. I replaced them with new switch covers from New Wire Marine out of Charleston, SC. Bennington used Carling Contura style rocker switches in the day. Simple to do...
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    Love our Spinning Steering Wheel Knob

    In my youth we called them "necker knobs." You could have your right arm around your sweetie and steer with just your left. If you were lucky, that led to some necking.
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    LED whip light flag pole

    Not illegal in SC as long as they don't impair the ability to see your red/green/white navigation lights.
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    2021 bennington wire diagram?

    If you can't find one for your exact boat, this generic one may be helpful.
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    Fuel additive stain

    Or Purple Power. It is a strong cleaner / degreaser and very effective at petroleum based stains. Definitely test in inconspicuous spot first.
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    Dual Batteries?

    I've been boating for about the same time and have had 5 pontoons, a bow rider (and 5 PWC's). My current boat is the first with dual batteries. I'm glad I have them, but got along fine for 32 years without a second battery. I do usually have a lithium jump starter on board with me just in case.
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    Seat drainage

    I drilled holes in the compartments in my last boat, a 2011 GCW. Make sure you scout the locations carefully so you don't drill into a cross member or wire. I angled my holes towards the stern so the compartments wouldn't take on water while zipping along. I'm trying to remember what size I...
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    Yamaha Motor

    I believe Bennington recommends power assist for 150 HP and up. I just saw a FB group thread where someone was complaining how hard it was to steer their Benny with a 150 and no power assist.
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    I'd record the meeting with my iPhone if I were you. I'd probably do it unobtrusively to avoid setting the wrong tone. I wouldn't lie about it.
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    2250 GBR Counter top adhesive

    100% silicone is the standard for granite and quartz counter tops. I just ripped out my granite counter tops that have been in for about 15 years and that stuff was tenacious. I would use that. Put a big dollop near each corner. Just don't put so much it oozes out.
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    Oh man! Hate this for you. That's a lot of small damage. You sure they didn't fix the boat quickly and put it in their rental fleet for the last 10 months? ;)
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    Raised helm or not YES or NO

    The beautiful R23 SWB I bought from a fellow forum member a couple of months ago has it and I'm glad it does. It's the first boat I've had with it. It does make the helm look more luxurious. But it's only about 4" tall and IMHO, doesn't make a ton of difference in forward visibility. You're...
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    Outboard motor manufacturer's have been designing their motors with components to handle ethanol fuel since before the start of this millennium. I say that because my third boat had a 2000 Honda BF115 on it and it had a prominent sticker that said it was ethanol fuel compliant. There were...