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    2005 207fs

    - Steering wheel -- Check out this wheel at $99 for a good looking premium steering wheel. I put this one on my 2001 Benny a few years ago. Very satisfied customer. - playpen cover -- Find a good local canvas shop that does boat covers. There's a lady in town where I live...
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    Shims in my 200hp Suzuki out of specs

    This is crazy. So many questions. Can you post some pics? Did this dealer install the offending shims? Did the offending shims meet the manufacturer's spec when the boat was purchased from this dealer? I've never heard of outboard motor shims. Are they between the transom and the motor...
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    New Stereo Time

    I'm guessing this isn't your first stereo install. Very impressive work.
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    Replace my lift bunks…using joists bolted to my dock while lake is dry. 23RSB.

    ^ now THAT was a good idea! Glad you got the project finished.
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    Replace my lift bunks…using joists bolted to my dock while lake is dry. 23RSB.

    I think this is the worst idea I've ever seen in any boating discussion. Anywhere. And I've been boating for 33 years. I'm not an engineer, but I built large decks as a side hustle for 20 years. You are proposing to span 18 feet and support a load of unknown weight overhead while you (and...
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    The 2022 Official College Football Thread

    Ha! I'm probably the only Mountaineer fan in this place and I didn't't get to see it yet. Had something really special going on last night so will watch it on the DVR tonight. All I know is the final score.
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    Deck needs help

    My former boat was a 2011 GCW with vinyl floor and snap in carpet (which never saw the light of day after we bought the boat). My favorite cleaner for the floor vinyl was Starbrite Mold and Mildew Stain Remover. Good stuff. And this MEIBEI long handled brush from Amazon was $20 well spent...
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    Side Skirting

    Several on here have reported they fished transducer wires without removing the skirt. I know you can get fiberglass rods designed for wire fishing at Harbor Freight inexpensively. I suggest you do a search.
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    Hurricane tie down?

    I just posted recommendations for hurricane prep. There are several suggestions related to boats on lifts. Hurricane Prep
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    Hurricane Prep

    (Mods --please consider making this a sticky.) My buddy is in the dock business. He shared the following information you may find useful: We would take a number of factors in to account when deciding what to do with a boat prior to a hurricane. The safest place for your boat may be the...
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    HELP ! Need to replace carpet with best material suggested for Pontoon

    I relaced the carpet on my 2001 Benny with vinyl in 2013. It was a big job. Had to get the boat off the trailer onto some cribbing so I had access to the bolts underneath the deck. Had lots of challenges with rusty hardware. As mentioned above, EVERYTHING has to come off the boat. I was...
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    FYI: OEM Bennington Switches at GreatLakesSkipper

    I just bought replacement switch COVERS. Sounds like you need to replace the switch itself.
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    Swingback layout

    Tell us more about these special bolts!
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    FYI: OEM Bennington Switches at GreatLakesSkipper

    I just ordered three for my 23 RSB...UNDERWATER LT, WASHDOWN, and STEREO. $6.95 each plus $5.52 shipping. Very reasonable. Thanks for sharing!
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    4 Week Algae Growth = 5mph loss (just another data point)

    My 2017 2375 RSB sits in the water at my dock all season and I, too, lost 8 - 10 MPH from the algae growth. Got in the water at my dock and scrubbed it off using an HDX Non Scratch Tub and Shower Scrubber Head with Extension Handle from Home Depot. Best $6.98 I've spent in a while. Really did...