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    Comment by 'Tim B' in media 'trolling motor on boat.jpg'

    Well done Sir! Please share a pic or two of the mount.
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    Cupholder Lighting Install

    Dan, Thanks for your response. Sounds easy enough!
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    2018 23SSRCXP Tri-Tune w/ Yamaha 200

    2018 23SSRCXP Tri-Tune w/ Yamaha 200
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    Cupholder Lighting Install

    I have a 18’ 23SSRXP with RGB speakers with the color selector switch. My cup holders are not illuminated but are the same components that are shown in your part number reference minus the LED. Does anyone know where I can get the LED’s without buying the assembly. Out of curiousity, how many...
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    Be careful if you plan to mount a grill on back porch...

    When the post is removed does the insert base retain rain water?
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    Trailering Specs

    Please repost, updated drawings the above link is not valid.
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    Ptm Edge offer for a group buy.great deal if you've been looking for a mirror.

    I’d be interested if another PTM offer were to come about. Thanks for the advice!