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    Boat Shows Cancelling

    Instead of the Rotax, why not just get an inboard/outboard? Our Mercruiser is a Chevy 5-liter and easy to service. We have a clean transom and plenty of stern deck space (used for changing room) .
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    Cathodic protection?

    Nobody ever answered this, so I thought I would try again. We're taking our boat to Orange Beach AL for a week this fall, where it will be in a rented boat slip in salt water for six days or operating in salt-water environments. This is a fresh-water boat, and I know nothing about cathodic...
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    Mercury O/B Extended Warranty - Expensive or Worth It - Thoughts from Long Term Owners?

    As noted above, you are just buying insurance. Mercury is earning a profit on this insurance. That means that on average, they are not paying out as much as they are bringing in. That is an absolute fact - if it was a negative return for them they wouldn't offer it. So I think you have to...
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    First aid kits?

    Regarding your location, I was using my phone and just discovered your location only shows shen I click on your avatar.
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    First aid kits?

    Great suggestions. We bought a waterproof box and have items needed to keep us on the water in case of minor (emphasis on minor) injuries because we are itinerant boaters (no lake house to return to). This includes a variety of large and small bandaid, ointments, and disinfectants. But I...
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    Yes, for retirement. Out in the countryside NW of Houston. Near Brenham TX. Hope to start construction soon - 14 month construction window.
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    My countdown is: We are taking possession of rental home today in preparation for our house of 30 years going on the market House goes on the market in early April Once house is under contract, we will completely vacate until closing. At that point, we have NOTHING to do all weekend except...
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    Slip cost.....

    I pay $240/month for an inland RV storage unit - locked, covered, gated, with electricity. Not much different from the slips y'all are talking about. Plus there's the cost of trailering to/from the water. The advantage is that I can choose a variety of lakes or coastal venues, and can work on...
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    This year is going to be another year year of minimal use of the boat - sad to say. We're getting ready to put our house on the market in the spring and move into a rental while our next home is built. And, I'm possibly going to 'retire' for about one day and then start working for a client...
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    How much did you use it?

    Less than 6 hours so far. Only had it out twice. Too many home renovation projects getting ready to put the house on the market. But -- hoping to go to Table Rock Lake for the first week in November if weather is good. That'll add a dozen hours or more.
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    New Boat Does Not Sit Level

    Or my sister-in-law... ;)
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    2021 Ridgeline

    I hit the 'like' button for every post that said 'for twice a year, just rent a truck'. Tow vehicle discussions always make me uncomfortable because I've seen them spiral out of control into vituperatve attacks... even on such staid forums as the Airstream forum. So here's the basis for my...
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    Outer lifting strakes?

    Hey BigKahuna - thanks for asking! Only had it out once and it was fine. Planning to take it out this weekend (finally!). We've had non-stop home-renovation jobs going on and just haven't been able to break away. Sad. This is when I envy those with lake houses - 5 minutes to launch vs...
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    Outer lifting strakes?

    I've never ridden in another Bennington so I can't compare. It's also an I/O so I imagine I get some extra lift from that big vee-hull engine compartment. Probably need it for that 5-liter V-8...
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    Outer lifting strakes?

    I have them on my 2007 2575RL Supersport My brother was first owner and I don't know what options he got. You'll note the bow wave deflectors are also beefed up.