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    New Boat Does Not Sit Level

    Or my sister-in-law... ;)
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    2021 Ridgeline

    I hit the 'like' button for every post that said 'for twice a year, just rent a truck'. Tow vehicle discussions always make me uncomfortable because I've seen them spiral out of control into vituperatve attacks... even on such staid forums as the Airstream forum. So here's the basis for my...
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    Outer lifting strakes?

    Hey BigKahuna - thanks for asking! Only had it out once and it was fine. Planning to take it out this weekend (finally!). We've had non-stop home-renovation jobs going on and just haven't been able to break away. Sad. This is when I envy those with lake houses - 5 minutes to launch vs...
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    Outer lifting strakes?

    I've never ridden in another Bennington so I can't compare. It's also an I/O so I imagine I get some extra lift from that big vee-hull engine compartment. Probably need it for that 5-liter V-8...
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    Outer lifting strakes?

    I have them on my 2007 2575RL Supersport My brother was first owner and I don't know what options he got. You'll note the bow wave deflectors are also beefed up.
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    Boating Memes:

    How many sat there wait for the images to come in??? :):):)
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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    Yeah, that's probably the only thing that would tempt us, but it would be a tough choice vs the extra open space.
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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    I guess ours is traditional. It's an I/O so that dictates certain parameters. We like it because it's great for family and friends with lots of open space. We don't fish much but when we do it works OK for fishing off the bow, the port gate, and off the ski deck via the small stern gate. My...
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    Table Rock

    Fantastic info! Thank you! I will IM you when we get closer.
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    Table Rock

    We might try the fishing guide. $375 for half day for both of us. We are rank amateurs anyway. When my wife and I talked about Table Rock vs Ouachita, I mentioned that it was unlikely Table Rock would be as good a fishing lake. She said "so what, we never catch anything anyway". Which isn't...
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    Table Rock

    This has me intrigued... we normally go to Lake Ouachita for the first week if November but this might be worth the extra 175 miles from Houston. It certainly has more options on places to stay than Ouachita. Any recommdations on condo rentals with available boat dock, launch facility etc?
  12. Lake Ouachita Sunset

    Lake Ouachita Sunset

    November 2020
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    Tachometer Accuracy

    I think that if you find your owner's manual online for the tach, you'll find out the correct setting.
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    UPF Hitch Lock

    I use an anchor chain through two wheels when I'm in a place that I'm worried about (however, most of the time my boat is inside locked storage). A while back, I lost an anchor when it snagged a stump and the shackle broke. Chain was heavy duty with the end links larger to accept a shackle - or...
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    Toyota Sienna for towing?

    More seriously, here's the most common things I've read on any forum related to towing boats or RVs (we've had a 30 foot trailer for 16 years and those forums get into really heated discussions about tow vehicles). To maintain a safety margin, you should keep total trailer weight at 80% or less...