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    High speed livewell pickup

    Bass boats have a 2nd pump that does recirculation only. TT
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    High speed livewell pickup

    I have my pump located in the bracket at the rear of the port pontoon. It picks up fine, but my max speed is 27mph. Don't know about faster. TT
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    Bow Storage Solutions?

    I mounted a cooler on my rear deck for storage. TT
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    Throttle Cable Lubrication

    There is a friction adjust screw on your throttle.
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    trolling motor battery placement

    I like my setup:
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    Missing aluminum water deflector plate under right rear

    My 20svl only has sheeting on the rear port side. Seems strange to me. TT
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    BRP is back in the outboard game

    Is that a 2 stroke? It said "no oil changes"... tt
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    No top end

    I still think your pitch is too high. I've got a 13.5 x 12 on my 90 SHO and it's about right.
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    Engine stutter.

    Perhaps you're hitting the rev limiter. TT
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    Mooring Cover

    Did you not get a cover when you bought your boat? Our sv 20 came with a nice cover with clever snap-in fasteners. I use it every day. TT
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    Believe it or not, I have found WD-40 works to keep spiders at bay on my dock. And it smells good too. TT
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    26LX 2021 - Gas Tank 56 Gallons

    If you want to run it completely out, just carry 5 or 10 gals with you in containers.
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    Upholstery Puncture Repair

    I repaired a 1" rip in my Ranger bass boat vinyl seat with UV curable cement. I just butted the ends together, shined the light, and glued. No patch. It is still holding after over 2 years. Still surprises me. TT
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    under skinning distance?

    I want to do mine. Where do you buy the aluminum sheet? Thanks, TT