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    Non Standard Toon Configuration

    Bennington has offered twin ellipticals for quite some time (e.g. your 2011). It is a great configuration, certainly the fastest of the 2 toon boats they've ever offered and handles rough water very well. It won't turn like a 3 toon boat with strakes, but is very stable, maximum buoyancy. Bunk...
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    Boyne Thunder,7/9/22

    I've been told by a very wise and experienced on water first responder that fire extinguishers and such on a boat are more often a hindrance. People are harmed more by trying to find and use them, rather than getting everyone into life jackets and off the boat as quickly as possible. There is...
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    Mercury O/B Extended Warranty - Expensive or Worth It - Thoughts from Long Term Owners?

    My Mercury warranties were getting to the 3 year mark, asked my mechanic about getting the extended. Because of the hot market for outboards, he said he just orders new engines ahead, rather than buy the extended warranty for them because they're so crazy expensive. When the new engines come in...
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    In the Water

    Very nice, 4th is a charm!
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    Sorry to hear of the continued (and new) problems. We built our dream home in 2000, custom designed it ourselves, beautiful waterfront, the works, moved there full time for a few years, and always assumed we'd retire there. Then we had a few life things happen, as well as a new set of neighbors...
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    New 2022 tritoon

    When we bought our Mid-America trailer from, we added the Triple tube kit ($350). I also took our 2275RCW directly to them in Elkhart, and they developed a customized version for ESP hulls as the "Stern Extension for Tri-Tube" option ($200), which is now offered in...
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    New 2022 tritoon

    Bennington told me this directly with respect to both the trailer and the boat lift that supporting the outside toons only was more than sufficient, as they are designed that way. I put the center bunks on anyway just for peace of mind and easier centering when loading and unloading. $500 or so...
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    Merc 600hp on Bennington

    A side effect of this is that you need a rudder position indicator at the helm so you know which way the drive is actually pointed at slower speeds, around the docks, etc.
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    Ramp or Boarding Ladder for Dog

    Solstice inflatable pup ramp
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    Mercury Vessel View Mobile

    Is there room for a Simrad MFD? It will display all of the VV data with the correct link module. I have the SmartCraft Connect module for the twin 12" Garmin MFD's on my Axopar 28. I also have VV Mobile module (Bluetooth) and find it pretty much useless on a phone or even iPad.
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    I didn't have the hybrid arch. It was the power top. Never tow with the bimini up. It has to be...

    I didn't have the hybrid arch. It was the power top. Never tow with the bimini up. It has to be strapped down since it's like a parachute.
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    2022 boat shows are beginning to take a hit... be sure to verify yours is still happening

    Going to the St Pete/Tampa show tomorrow.
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    The Great Loop in a Bennington

    That is quite an achievement but methinks he missed the whole point of doing the Great Loop. It's definitely not a speed contest. The idea is to enjoy the ride, the sights, the people, the culture, ... soak it all in. Most take a year or more of sea days for that reason (6000 miles), plus a few...
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    Mercury OB Question

    The Advanced Mid Section on the Verado is sooooo much nicer when shifting and working around the docks.
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    Cayo Costa

    We go to Cayo Costa frequently with our (now) fiberglass boat. On the Gulf side, most will have 2 anchors, and anchor out in 3-4' with stern to shore using the second small anchor there to keep the stern from swinging. Bow to the incoming waves with the big anchor. If you're in the bay side just...