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    Fuel tank size?

    You have to calibrate when empty and full - they should have calibrated it for you at the dealer. Mine is off somewhat. I can fill the tank and run out 16 gallons before the simrad gets below 100%, but when the simrad said 25% it's pretty accurate. I think mine also says 49 in the settings. I...
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    New Numbers - Bennington Font

    Finally got our domed letters for the boat name; still don't have paperwork from DNR for registration numbers.
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    New prices

    30-40K is a lot of used to be... :)
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    New prices

    My 2022 that I ordered in 2021 priced 182ish last year, 215ish now.
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    I put Neoprene on top of them with outdoor carpet adhesive. It said to keep them dry for 5 days. I waited over a week to mess with them. I had to flip them over to drill the holes for installation, and the neoprene peeled off of one but not the other two. I put it back down and let it sit a...
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    Bird precision bombing

    Mine was baptized by a heron a few weeks ago. I uncovered it the night before taking to dealer, then drove to dealer in morning. As I'm docking the boat at the dealer I noticed a HUGE ariel bomb had hit the middle of the swingback and splattered everywhere. Nothing I could do, but leave it...
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    They are all aluminum, looks to be about 1/4" think with supports built throughout. In total size they are about 4 inches tall so that's alot of metal in one bunk.
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    26LX 2021 - Gas Tank 56 Gallons

    We have the 56 on our 22 Q. I can fill it until the tank will take no more, and run 10 gallons out before the simrad drops below 100%. It bugged me at first, but now that I know what it means no problem. Last time it said 25% remaining I was able to put about 40 gallons in it, so I think the...
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    Just installed the new bunks on our boat lift today. They are 14' long by 10" wide aluminum bunks, and they are heavy! I had to get three people help me just to set them on the lift, then I removed the old and installed the new.
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    Looking for my new boat?

    Ummmm, nope. Mine was ordered the end of may 2021, picked up April 1st, 2022.
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    Simrad 7

    Make sure the transducer in the back is not pushed up where it's not in the water at higher speeds. It could have been bumped and that would cause that problem. That used to happen on my R and it was always because it had been bumped and wasn't sitting in the correct position.
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    Simrad brightness - can we turn off auto dimmer?

    Mounted on the console to the right of the simrad
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    Simrad brightness - can we turn off auto dimmer?

    Just touch the power button and it will come to full brightness and give you the options display so you can turn up the brightness.
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    Simrad brightness - can we turn off auto dimmer?

    Through trial and error I've learned a little more about this. The actual dimming is being caused by the yahama command link. The simrad has a setting for synchronize display brightness in the yamaha settings, but whenever I turn that off it turns itself back on. But, there is a setting in...
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    Simrad brightness - can we turn off auto dimmer?

    I can't find a setting for it, nor can I find any data on the internet. I would like to manually control brightness at all times.