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    Rental Boats

    For reference, true or not, here is what the dealer said on warranty: "Since this boat was brand new this year you would be the first owner and it would come with the full factory warranty for the boat and the engine; the boat comes with a 10-year bow to stern warranty and the motor will have a...
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    Rental Boats

    All good points and with the same conclusion, thank you. I assumed so much as I recall renting a couple boats for my brother's bachelor party before. The boat I was driving under my name had a 70hp and must have had 23" pontoons and a couple heavier guys...the other boat had a 60hp and must...
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    Rental Boats

    Hello, don't think I've posted anything here yet as I don't have a I guess that makes sense. I was leaning towards purchasing around the 2020 New England boat show but then held off and have since regretted given the current market. Anyways, has anyone purchased a boat previously...
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    2020 Boat Show Season

    Hello, new here and looking to potentially buying a new boat this year. I'll be going to the Boston boat next month. Has anyone purchased their boat at this show or a show in general? I've requested quotes from a couple places recently and they tell me they will offer me "better than boat...