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    Project report: Change to vintage boat control was a stupid mistake

    It did look pretty cool though. Was worth a try.
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    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    The John Deere X739. 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer. I use it to mow my half acre shop lot. Also have a bucket for it that comes in handy. With front receiver I use it to move dump trailer and jet skis.
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    Sensor on SX22 above starboard pontoon

    Most likely the horn.
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    Love our Spinning Steering Wheel Knob

    Thanks for the review. I've been on the fence for about a year. Just couldn't pull the trigger on the pricey one. I like the look of the amazon one. Will order one for sure.
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    As stated, leave the bow door open. I sight down the side of the boat pulling in. I hug the side of the lift I can see. If I'm close as can be on one side I know the blind side has plenty of room. I also do a lot of forward/neutral and come in as slowly as possible. If there's too much boat...
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    Boat Lift - One last Try

    I have to agree with Vikingstaff. When we bought our house it had a narrow lift I wanted to convert too. I tried every which to make it work but finally sold it and bought a new lift. It was a good decision. You hate to do it but in the long run you'll probably be much happier and less stress...
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    docking aids

    Would something like this help you?
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    It's on now!!!

    That is definitely a no fun surprise to find dockside. Can you use one of those motion activated sprinklers? And more owls.
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    That's ridiculous. I really hope this is something that can be resolved so you can continue to enjoy your lake living. On another note, I just realized it says Moderator under you name. Not sure when that happened but congratulations!
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    New to the boards

    Was it this? I've used this on my QX and all the different surfaces and it worked very well.
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    Be careful out there !!

    When we float around the boat I always float with my life jacket on. It doesn't bother me and I can just float comfortably with the buoyancy. I've read too many stories of guys my age jumping in and sinking. I played water polo in HS but still err on the side of caution.
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    2022 Q - it's finally gonna happen!

    I have a 19 QX and I have the wings.
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    Boats in!!!

    Looking good BK!
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    Boat lift

    Yes, definitely worth getting. The key is you have to move them around every couple of days so they don't just sit in the same spot. Get them now though, last summer everyone was out of them.
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    Boat lift

    I don’t know if this will help but here are pictures of my lift.