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    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    Any chance you can translate all of that into English? LOL. It's been some time since I read a paragraph and when I was done said to myself, "I don't understand one thing I just read!" LOLOL.
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    Yamaha 115 Top Speed Experience

    I think your issue, simply put, is due to the weight-to-horsepower ratio of your boat. The G-Series is a great boat, loaded with standard features. The addition of the Sea Legs and extra battery is the equivalent of carrying 3-4 extra passengers. Happy boating. Randy
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    Yamaha 115 Top Speed Experience

    My 22 footer with 2 logs and a black 115 ran 27-28 (gps). I added an express tune and fiddled with the transom height. My top speed was... wait for it... 27-28 (gps). Much better handling, but top speed never budged. Expecting more from that heavy of a boat and a 115 (of any color) is a pipe...
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    Excited about our new 21SLX

    Merc 150 with Enertia prop.
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    Excited about our new 21SLX

    See my signature for my WOT. 2017 21' SLXP.
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
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    Bennington Brochure

    Isn't the factory building the 2021s now? Seems like the brochure would be done and ready for distribution now.
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    Towing Vehicle - do I need 4WD or RWD?

    I don't think your boat/trailer combo is as heavy as you describe, but fuel, water and gear does add up fast. I think 5K# is a maximum figure. Do heed the ramp advice from the reply above. Know your ramps... spring, summer AND fall.
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    Prop size

    You are missing a key piece of info here. What is the max RPM of your motor? You say you are hitting 6000, but what is it rated to spin?
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    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    Andy, are you still on track to retire at 50? Trust me, it's a worthy goal. I made it to 61. I love every minute of retirement. And I DO NOT need to "work" to keep me busy. I have plenty to do.
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    Has our Michigan members heard of this???

    Nothing parties like a rental. Actually, although this is in my neck of the woods, I don't read that news outlet so I missed the story. Glad everyone is OK.
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    Bunk Replacement

    I am growing some serious 'shroms out of the carpet of my bunks. Obviously, I am due. In under 5 years. Damn...
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    We have officially moved into a new phase of boating with children (photo inside)

    If you boat with children, you will be able to relate to our adventure and boating with young children is ALWAYS an adventure. Spending the day on the water while juggling naps, meals, potty stops (or those dreaded swim diapers) and meltdowns are usually part of the deal. Plus, there is that...
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    Express tube? Anyone

    Always best to perform a search prior to posting. This topic has been discussed frequently here, including a thread in the past month or so. I'll leave this here for a couple of days so that you see Jack's link above, but then I am going to hide it as there is no need for redundancy.
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    How to fish on a Q .

    If I owned a Q-boat, this is how I would go fishing...
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    Takes me back to the early years of this club. So much has changed. Most good, I suppose.
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    A man, his boat and a beautiful July sunset...

    That is all!