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    Prop test data

    Thought I would share some data logging and some interesting observations. Background Boat is a 2020 23SSBXP with SPS+ and F250xca. Dealer propped it with a Yamaha Reliance 14.25 x 17 which I knew was incorrect based on the Yamaha prop selector tool. Seat of the pants dyno also told me...
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    Under deck “block”

    Boat finally arrived at the dealer yesterday. Still in shrink wrap but wanted to go see the girl and take some measurements for my power poles. I noticed that the wave tamer is smooth all the way back until you hit the transom area, and then there’s a large “block” for lock of better term...
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    New Boat Questions

    Hey all - short time lurker looking to buy a 23-24’ Bennington or Manitou. Local dealer is Benny rep so leaning in that direction. Quick question - I’m going to use this platform to freshwater fish 90% of the time (largemouth), has anyone customized their setup for this? What were the key...