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  1. DejaWiz

    SeaStar Optimus EPS system

    Hi all, Anyone know anything about the newer single-engine SeaStar Optimus EPS system? Seems to be a full steer-by-wire solution, and I'm interested to get the perspectives and thoughts from anyone that has any knowledge or experience with it...
  2. DejaWiz

    Yamaha tuning

    Hi everyone, Been doing some research on the Yamaha 2.8L and 4.2L offerings, and it seems all the internals are identical on both engines regardless of HP rating, save for the ECU part numbers. Would it be possible to convert, say, a VMax SHO 2.8L 150 to a 200 by installing just the F200 ECU or...
  3. DejaWiz

    ESP - adding it?

    Hi everyone, Some quick questions: 1. Can the ESP (25/32/25) package be added to either a twin pontoon or one equipped with SPS via a dealer? 2. Will Bennington custom build a boat with the ESP that normally isn't an option for a given series? ...such as building an 22+ foot SXP if the...
  4. DejaWiz

    Flooring choices

    Hi everyone, I'm a couple/few years out from saving up a down payment that'll get me in the financing range I want to be for the boat that I really want (22SSRXP or 22GSR with an F200XB), and I'm torn on which flooring to go with: standard silver woven, seagrass silver, bamboo silver, or teak...