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    So whats this handle for?

    We have a 24SSLX and have the same handle. Our dealer stated it could be used by the person seated at the table for a grab handle but said it was probably used on a different floor plan and was just a standard on the end of the furniture.
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    Speed with loaded down boat

    We have a 24SSLX w/200 etec and we constantly run 36-38 with 8 adults. You’ve either got really dirty toons or something is wrong!!
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    Top Speed for 2019 23 SSB SPS W/ Mercury 250 XL

    I would think mid to high 40’s light, probably high 30’s to 40 with a decent load.
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    Engine size for 22" Tritoon SPS

    it’s always easier to pull back on the stick then push for more and have none!! You’ll NEVER buy horsepower for less than you can when you purchase the boat!! Trust me on that one!!
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    Speed with 150HO G2 and 22feet pontoon

    Check RPMs first!! fuel lines, filters for a load of bad gas. Dirty toons would be next. That’s quite a drop, if the dealer looked at it and can’t anything wrong I’d disagree. An 22’ S series with 150HO should easily be in the 40’s light and high 30’s loaded.
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    Speed with 150HO G2 and 22feet pontoon

    24SSLX W/G1 200 etec, 42mph at 5300rpm (where the motor should be) add 6-7 people, 37mph, don’t remember the rpm. We run heavy with lots of coolers and junk, usually always above 1/2 tank. Toons are always clean.
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    RAIN X

    We used to use pledge furniture polish on our sport bikes, polishes right up and the bugs never ever stick, any residual would wipe right off. Water spotting never seems to be an issue.
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    Looking at 20SLV "Join the family" pontoons

    Buy what you can afford based on what you think you need. We can’t spend money you don’t have!! It seems you understand your limitations with a twin log boat, keeping it realistic will keep up and your passengers safe. I’m obviously a triple toon guy and would prefer and recommend that for the...
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    New to Bennington

    Welcome aboard!! Congrats on the new Benny! Pics are mandatory! :)
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    Lilly Pads

    That stinks!! Maybe better than running and dragging!
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    Cost to upgrade... Frustrated?

    Without all the details, pricing looks good, if you built in on the boat builder and got 28% off list this time of year you’re doing quite fine! Sign on the dotted line and get your summer started!!
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    We Are Official Bennington Owners!

    That’s awesome!! Congratulations on the arrival of your new Bennington!! What a fantastic boat!!
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    I need pontoon loading advice

    I hate loading my boat, my v-hull was super easy, this tri-toon has kicked my butt since day one. Just trying to line up the toons in a 9” gap with a giant sail board fence, thank goodness for patience or my boat would be fiberglass!!
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    Lake Cumberland Fire

    My info was just the local news channel, glad the boat damage was minimal, I would assume more than one might be a little stinky from smoke
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    Lake Cumberland Fire

    Everything I saw was just the fire, nothing was stated on a cause or origin yet.
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    New Boat Owners

    Great looking boat! Congratulations!
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    Storing wet tube

    We just tie it up to our tow bar and air dry it while still inflated. Once it’s dry we stuff it in the center room storage.
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    Lake Cumberland Fire

    Hopefully none of our members are directly affected by the large fire at the Conley Bottom Resort. Just watch some videos on and it looks to have burned 50-100 boats and bath house with fuel pumps! Feel bad for those folks just coming up on the boating season.
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    New Bennington Owner in NJ - 20SSRCXP

    Congratulations on the Bennington!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!
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    Performance was disappointing during first WOT

    Sounds just as everyone stated..... Prop issues. If that boat doesn’t clear 45mph there’s something wrong. I run a 24’ SPS w/200etec and can hit 42mph with my 16pitch. I prefer to run a fat eared 15pitch for all around use and tag 40 pretty easily and with 8-9 people on board we’re still...