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  1. Hosstyle

    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    if you don't mind telling, what did that cost?
  2. Hosstyle

    Table Modification

    Drilled out the bottom part with a 3 1/8” and the top part with a 3 1/2”. But had to “wobble” the second one just a bit to get it the right size
  3. Hosstyle

    Table Modification

    Here is my table with the new cup inserts
  4. Hosstyle

    Table Modification

    I literally did this yesterday. The replacement cup size is kinda in-between hole saw sizes. I fist used a hole saw that fit in the small bottom of the table cup. I slowly drilled thru, note: there is a bottom plastic piece on the underside if the table, just go slow and cut thru that part at...
  5. Hosstyle

    Ski pylon for 2019 BENNINGTON G SERIES 23 23 GSB

    I use a Turbo Swing on my boat. Works great
  6. Hosstyle

    pontoon on bunk.....

    my trailer. Yes the pontoon is right up against the stops on the mast at the front. Might have been this way when I originally bought the boat last year and just noticed. The work they did was interior so they would not of had to move the boat
  7. Hosstyle

    pontoon on bunk.....

    I just picked up my boat from the dealer who had it for a minor warranty issue. This is how I got it back. Shouldn't my pontoon be to the back of the bunks? There is 16" of bunk behind the toons.
  8. Hosstyle


    towed our Bennie with the new Jeep truck the other day for the first time. Other than sipping a bit more fuel it handles it pretty easily. Very pleased
  9. Hosstyle

    Privacy Curtain Install

    I want to add a porta potty in mine. Can I move the battery and the big fuel filter to a different location? Like under a seat? Or does the battery have to breath?
  10. Hosstyle

    Rod Holders

  11. Hosstyle

    Rod Holders

    Has anyone added after market rod holders? Both for travel (vertical) and for while fishing
  12. Hosstyle

    Pontoon battery storage

    keep em charged and they won't freeze (if in stupid cold climate like myself)
  13. Hosstyle

    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    just picked up my new tow vehicle. Just in time for a real early dumping of snow. It will be fun!!
  14. Hosstyle

    Winter Storage

    for winterizing my 115hp my dealer just said to put a good fuel stabilizer in my tank and go for a good rip to get it thru the motor and it would be good to go for winter. I changed my engine and gear oil. I have a big shelter so I can keep my cover on, I put some moisture control bags under the...
  15. Hosstyle

    Chase way from the outboard to the console? NEMA 2000 install

    I would also like to add the NEMA 2000 to my motor. What Sonar are you connecting to?
  16. Hosstyle

    Polaris Inc buys Bennington

    the sale did, but the transition to the new systems is just starting apparently. I have an issue with one of my seats, it has been approved for warranty replacement. The seat is not expected until mid December. This was sent in July
  17. Hosstyle

    Polaris Inc buys Bennington

    Was at my dealer on the weekend and he mentioned that Polaris Inc has bought Bennington Pontoon boats. He mentioned that during the transition it has been very difficult getting parts. Has anyone else had any issues now that Polaris is the new owner?
  18. Hosstyle

    Benningon Logo location question...

    On my 2019 21SLX the logo on the starboard side is right in the middle. On the port side because of the door it is one panel closer to the front of the boat. My question is why didn't they just put it on the same panel so that each side of the boat matches?
  19. Hosstyle

    2019 Dealer Meeting

    is that front badge on the red one typical for that model? I love it and want one for mine