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  1. Hosstyle

    pontoon on bunk.....

    I just picked up my boat from the dealer who had it for a minor warranty issue. This is how I got it back. Shouldn't my pontoon be to the back of the bunks? There is 16" of bunk behind the toons.
  2. Hosstyle

    Rod Holders

    Has anyone added after market rod holders? Both for travel (vertical) and for while fishing
  3. Hosstyle

    Polaris Inc buys Bennington

    Was at my dealer on the weekend and he mentioned that Polaris Inc has bought Bennington Pontoon boats. He mentioned that during the transition it has been very difficult getting parts. Has anyone else had any issues now that Polaris is the new owner?
  4. Hosstyle

    Benningon Logo location question...

    On my 2019 21SLX the logo on the starboard side is right in the middle. On the port side because of the door it is one panel closer to the front of the boat. My question is why didn't they just put it on the same panel so that each side of the boat matches?
  5. Hosstyle

    115 Yamaha not pissing...

    When trying to run up my motor either on muffs or in a big bin water does not come out my pisser. Put boat back in water and water comes out like normal. Any suggestions?
  6. Hosstyle

    where are people mounting their fishing finders?

    I don't want to do the in dash mount behind the steering wheel. My dealer has sent me some options. This is the only one that I sorta like. What switches are being blocked behind this mounting option? (I don't have the boat yet so I don't know) I might just get them to run the wires and figure...
  7. Hosstyle

    Why no green Benny pictures?

    We take possession of our 21SXL on Saturday. We got the green as everyone around us seems to have a black or tan pontoon. I guess green just isn't very popular? Show 'em off if you have green, I would love to see more pictures of them.