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  1. 1Blderbob

    2017 Boat Shows

    WHEW !! Went to the Ocean City boat show last night and sat on some nice really nice boats. But my wife and I absolutely agree that there is nothing that we absolutely like better than our existing Benny. So boating season will only cost me insurance,gas and oil this year. Oh ya,303 products too.
  2. 1Blderbob

    Big Thanks to Fellow Members

    A big thanks to "adkboater". Members of this forum are absolutely a pleasure to converse with. Scott went out of his way to help out with sending a prop down to me via a buddy that comes down to the shore in Delaware. The real shame is that Hermine made her presents this weekend at Ocean City...
  3. 1Blderbob

    First sea trial weather

    After reading some of the posts on this spring deliveries. I was wondering what the weather was like when you took your first sea trial on your boat. Mine was cool and wet. My wife found the rear chase seats and fell in love while I fell in love with the boat.Season three just starting and all I...
  4. 1Blderbob

    New Pontoons heading Somewhere

    Came up on the back of  this sight on I 95 around Aberdeen Md. today. Sure looks like a incomplete Benny with an extra single toon strapped down on top for the ride. The truck pulling the trailer had a transport company name from Indiana on the door. Sure looked like twin elips with stakes...
  5. 1Blderbob

    Evinrude G1 vs G2 motors

    Hello everyone. I traded up to a 2550RCW two years ago.And joined the club at that time. I've been an avid follower of the forum since.great forum all! Any how, the boat has a Evinrude G1 200HO. Couldn't be any happier with the motor so far. But I really like the looks of the new G2 motor. My...