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    Lake Cumberland Fire

    Hopefully none of our members are directly affected by the large fire at the Conley Bottom Resort. Just watch some videos on and it looks to have burned 50-100 boats and bath house with fuel pumps! Feel bad for those folks just coming up on the boating season.
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    Bumper Sale

    Just an FYI.... Bass Pro has a 4 pack of bumpers with line on sale for $39.99. I had my father-inlaw check them out at the store and he thought they were the same we already use.
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    Nose Cone Alignment

    Everytime I tow my boat and I look in the mirror on the what would be the starboard side of the boat, it looks as though my nose cone is twisted. I thought it was just my mirror angle and never thought too much about it. My last trip I was stuck in traffic and kept seeing what I thought what a...
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    Lake Winnipesaukee

    Looking at a trip with a place to stay about 30 miles north of the lake (no I'm not going to try and spell it again!) don't know if anybody here boats there, looks like Meredith would be my closet place to put in. Not sure if I need any special lake permit or boat wash before I dump it in? We're...
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    Gander Mountain Closing?

    Am I late in the game as to just hearing about Gander Mountain being bought out and closing most of its stores? The website states it's blowing everything out at all stores?? I'm sure I'm not the only guy/gal on here that does more outdoors than boat! ;)  
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    Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

    My fire company has put together a team to enter the Laurel House Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event Saturday May 6th. The Laurel House is an organization that helps women of domestic violence and the proceeds benefit those in our local area. (SE PA) long story short we are bunch of volunteer...
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    Trailer Modifications

    Has anyone modified their trailer to get rid of the two stop blocks at the front? My boat lives on a trailer and I commonly tow it 300 miles to the in-laws to run it .It tends to bounce up and down and I have been getting wear on the rub rail protectors. I had a ratchet strap on it but that...
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    Fender Storage

    I'm looking for any suggestions on how to store my fenders, I use the 6" round fenders and they are always sliding around the floor or stacked in front of a gate. I hate to take up room under the seats, but I haven't found any other options. I'm looked at the stainless ones but they are intended...
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    It's here, it's here!!

    The day has finally arrived, the boat was delivered to our dealer this morning, he is rigging as I write this and we should be able to pick it first thing tomorrow morning! I'll post pics as soon as I can. I gonna drive my wife crazy, I'm like a little kid at Christmas waiting for my presents...