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    Prop size on Mercury 250 Verado's

    do you have the v6 or V8 250 verado. If it is the new V8 leave it alone that is about all it will do. If it is the v6 go down to a 15 get the Rpms up and see if it helps any.
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    Prop size on Mercury 250 Verado's

    I would start with a 17pitch Mercury enertia prop.
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    Prop size on Mercury 250 Verado's

    What model boat do you have and what toon package do you have? There is not a general prop just for a motor is all about what the motor is pushing.
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    25q weight

    6400 with trailer doesn’t surprise me. Thank you for the information. Easily over 5k with gear and 60ish gallons of field.
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    Prop size

    Do you have the cladded arch? And what seating and windshield arrangement do you have? Glad to help.
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    Prop size

    Little far for me to help in loaning a prop. I’m sure Solas is a fine prop But I would think that some one at the dealership would know that enertia is typically the best choice for a tri toon. Especially with a mercury. Tell them you are not happy with the performance and if they keep...
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    Prop size

    Get a mercury enertia in 15p and start there. It will probably have you close to 50. Where are you located?
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    Prop size

    May be motor mounting issue if your rpms didn’t change going from the 15 to 17. Were the 3 blades same brand and diameter? What brand and model props were you trying? Big heavy boat that rides good. But I agree it should be close to 50
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    25q weight

    Has any one weighted a 25q elliptical center tune windshield and cladded arch? 350 verado. I couldn’t find any specifics on the weight of the rig. We are having trailer issues and the hurricane rain coming won’t let me have it out till Sunday to run it through a truck stop scale. Thank you
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    Bunk Replacement

    I used treated lumber and bought the rolls of black plastic and end caps. This was by far the cheapest bunk wrap I could find and was really easy to install with an air stapler and stainless staples. I would consider 2x6 Easier to do it right once...
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    Motor capabilities and ECU flashes

    We were just taking about if a used ecu would work or if I could pull my flashed ecu and stick it in my brothers non flashed Motor.
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    Bimini canvas top

    I would get sundrella fabric I’m not overly in pressed with the fabric that Tumac used on the oem. But they will make you a new one one out of any material you want and you do not have to go through the dealer if you can read your tag and find a size and style number. Just call or email tumac
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    70 HP / 20 Sl Power Question

    I vote for the dual axle trailer. I just don’t like single axles for anything Never seem to pull as well. You have plenty of truck to pull it down the road with out the trailer under it but that doesn’t mean you wont have the need to use something else in the future that will need the...
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    Mercury Vessel View Mobile

    thw Hour gauge shouldn’t be off that bad unless the hour gauge on your dash is running when the key or master power is on like on lawn mowers. It shouldn’t be wired this way but that is the only thing I could think of.
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    425 vs 300

    I know your dealer may not offer anything but Yamaha but if they do and you want to step up the 400 mercury verado is probably going to be the most economical option for higher horse power. The 425 Yamaha and 450r mercury are priced crazy for the little difference you gain but I understand that...
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    Verado simonized

    I can’t speak for what you will need to do exactly but make sure the dealer is willing to swap props with you if you think you need something different than what they thought you need. I am amazed at how many boats are sent out and no thought at all is given to the motor height or prop...
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    Towing inflatables with Sport Tower

    MAkes sense. I know pulling an adult on a slalom ski pulls is felt pulling much harder than any tube I have pulled even with 4 people on it.
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    New furniture

    I am considering changing out the 2 factory captains chairs in the front passenger side of my 2010 r for the bench. I will have to make modifications to the carpet but has any one had any luck changing layout My concern is when I go into the dealer to order I know they will just want the...
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    10-Year Bow-To-Stern Warranty!

    Any updates on how hard it was to transfer the warranty to a new owner?
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    Heritage Trailer Weight?

    My armada actually handles my 25r better than my tundra you won’t have any issues