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    25q weight

    Has any one weighted a 25q elliptical center tune windshield and cladded arch? 350 verado. I couldn’t find any specifics on the weight of the rig. We are having trailer issues and the hurricane rain coming won’t let me have it out till Sunday to run it through a truck stop scale. Thank you
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    New furniture

    I am considering changing out the 2 factory captains chairs in the front passenger side of my 2010 r for the bench. I will have to make modifications to the carpet but has any one had any luck changing layout My concern is when I go into the dealer to order I know they will just want the...
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    Q cladded arch light

    Our q with a cladded arch has a plug for the stern light coming out of where you would hook the rope to wakeboard from. But the light that plugs in is just a standard base and about 12 inches tall, is this standard? We didn’t buy new so not sure if this is factory or the lost the original and...
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    Radio replacement

    I wanted to add a ram mount for my iPad with out drilling any new holes in the dash. So I did away with the single din radio all together and installed a kicker and it left room to add a usb and a ram ball. I need to round the corners and put a bevel on the edges but I am happy so far...
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    Looking to remove the 2 mercury smart craft gauges in a 2017 25q and install a larger simrad and link it to the current go5 that is in the right side of the console. The 5 is to small to navigate from. Linking the gauges and 2 units isn’t to much trouble a shop said making it fit flush...
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    Broken Bimini again

    Last summer my front Bimini main bow bent from a side gust of wind not terrible just bent past the point of fixing. I replaced it with a new one and went on. today the rear frame main bow totally collapsed while cruising at about 30 mph. I came a around a corner into an open area and...
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    Bunk size. 2x4. Or 2x6

    I leave my boat in the water from Thursday to Sunday every weekend so we load a lot. But my ramp at the marina I keep it at is tuff. For a boat as big as most tritoon. It never was meant for boats of that size. It is about 100 yards up a 50 ft wide lane between a rip rap wall and boats...
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    Sun shade

    has anyone found a decent sized mesh shade to put up for late in the afternoon when the sun is getting low? I have found lots on amazon but most are large square and I don’t think it would do well if I cut it.
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    Table and leg

    I have the base in the floor of my 2010 for the table but previous owner must have lost the table and leg. Does anyone know the brand that was used. I don’t want to drive 1.5 hours to a dealership when I can just have it shipped to me at home.
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    Bimini warning

    just received my new main bow for my front Bimini top and as I was taking the parts off the old one I realized the inside diameter of the new tubing was much smaller than what came originally on my 2010. I am going to call and order new bottom connection part tomorrow. It was getting really...
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    Front Bimini broke

    the main hoop support on my front 10’ Bimini broke Has anyone had any luck just getting that part or individual pieces? The dealer is looking into it but I haven’t heard back yet.
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    i have a 2010 with the snap in carpet . Has any one replaced theres with snap in vinyl flooring? Or have you unscrewed the snaps from the floor and covered it with the foam flooring material? I don’t want the hassle of pulling the furniture Not doing anything right away but by this...
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    Trailer advice.

    I wanted to pass along a lesson I learned this fall. After moving the front stop on my trailer several times I couldn’t get the bounce out while going down the interstate. It was bad enough it caused the truck to move some. Nothing alarming but enough I didn’t feel like it should be doing it...
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    Rub rail protector

    Does any one have a picture of there rub rail protector? I found a part # in the search but all the pictures were gone. We have a new baby boy arriving in May so we will trailer this year due to the not going much If there are any good alternatives I’m open to them all so
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    Verado simonized

    Just received notification that my ecu is on the way back from cal. Should be about 345 now instead of 250. I’ll keep things updated but currently I have 15 3/4 15p prop on a 2010 250 verado on a 2550 rcw with the elliptical center tune and full skin under. Best numbers to date are 40mph at...
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    Hurricane run

    I have been going to the back of the condo in Pensacola and looking at the intercoastal ever Little bit and never fails there are 5 to 10 large offshore fishing boats making the run west to get out of the path of the hurricane. They aren’t going at there normal casual speed either. It is all...
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    Pensacola beach boating

    we are coming down the second week of October for a week. I am looking at renting a boat for the day if there are any areas I can go and pull up and get out since I will have a 2 year old and 5 year old with me. Good restaurants sand bars anything of interest. I’m fine with just riding...
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    Bimini top cleaning

    the outside of my 2010 factory original blue double Bimini looks good but on the underside it is streaked white and has some black mold spots on it that I can’t get off. I have used simple green a scrub brush and pressure washer and when it dried it looked the same. I threw it in the washer...
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    Cleaning toons

    my boat has been wet slipped on Barkley lake for about 45 days. The growth wasn’t as bad as I expected really but it sure didn’t want to come off. After a few hours rolling around under the trailer with a pressure washer I have it pretty well cleaned off. Is there any one in the western...
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    Bilge pump

    on my 2010 2550 with center elliptical tube storage should there be a bilge pump some where? I have pulled the bottom panels out of the storage compartment and didn’t see one but I do have a switch that says livewell and does nothing? But not switch for bilge. Maybe I’m not looking in the...