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    And that makes 10,000

    I’ve hit a milestone .... my 10,000th post ... :cool: That’s 7-1/2 years of hanging out here ...:oops:
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    Just a friendly reminder of forum Terms & Rules
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    Getting close!!!!

    Member count as of today .... 12,933 Maybe 13,000 by Monday ????? Yes .... no .... :eek:
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    Happy New Year

    To my Bennington family of friends, may you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!! Here's to a great 2019!!!
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    My “G” helm cupholder/throttle issue addition

    Scotty rail mount (no screws as rails are closed) and a Scotty cup holder. No throttle issue now. Then again, my full throttle is only 10 mph .... :D
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    Old Evinrude from Mecum

    Any if you old enough to have used one of these .... ;)
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    For Sale/Wanted Thread: NO BOATS OR MOTORS .... read rules please. Post in here only!!

    Rules must be followed please, or post will be edited or deleted. RULES: 1. ITEMS CAN ONLY BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD, ANY OTHER FOR SALE POSTINGS WILL BE DELETED. 2. NO BOATS OR MOTORS ALLOWED. 3. NO DISCUSSIONS ABOUT ITEM IN THREAD, DISCUSS OFF LINE. This will keep the thread clutter free. 4. NO...
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    Got my boat fix in

    I had to go to San Antonio on business, and while there took the River Walk cruise. What a beautiful place!!! Had very little free time but I’d highly recommend you visit if possible. I definitely want to go back with the wife
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    Yeti soft cooler deal on Amazon / Woot
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    The things you see ???

    So Saturday we are on our dock uncovering our boat, and I see a group of "tourists" come down on dock (walking past sign "dock owners only"). They walk down our way and stop at one of the toons and start taking photos of each other next to it. Next thing I know, THEY ARE CLIMBING ON THE BOAT...
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    Informational video: Quick clip use and removing, stowing, opening and covering easily.

    Thanks to Bob Sell @ F&S Yamaha & Marine for teaching me about the Quick Clip trick. This is a video I made for using the quick clips, how to stow cover neatly by rolling, and unrolling for easy covering. Note: This is the way I've uncovered and covered for years and it's pretty fast and...
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    Great Loop on a Pontoon

    Pretty cool article.
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    What model do you Own and What is your age?

    Sorry, tried to merge two threads into one and did not work as planned so trying a new thread.
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    Boat name voting

    Help us with choosing a name ....  ;)
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    Old ads, photos, marketing

    This is meant to post up interesting old ads, photos, etc ...... Prefer 70's and back.
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    CREATED NEW THREAD***Age of ownership and what model do you own (or want to)

    Based off ILLINOIS AVE age thread, but wanted to get an idea of models owned. I'm keeping it narrowed down by model, not layout. I think it would be interesting to see the result.
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    Need some GCW pics

    Can anyone with a GCW post up a bunch of pics showing storage in the rear loungers, battery set up, fuel tank, changing room (opened and closed) and does changing room snap to framework below?, washdown, etc ..... I'm trying to get an idea of layouts/space availability for existing/future use...
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    What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Having a heck of a time picking color. Vote your choice and help us decide. 
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    Might take the plunge ......

    As much as we love it and hate to give it up, we "might" be trading our 20112275RLi (based on trade $$) on a to be ordered 2017 23GCW or Swing-back (again depending on price). One question I have, on recent years on the GCW, the upper portion of fence was open. Every picture I've seen on the...