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    More great memories

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    Yamaha flush

    So I am one year into ownership of the Yamaha 150. Not sure if everyone has the same issue as me getting the flush out from the motor once you put your boat in the lift...I figured there had to be a easier way than having to sit on the back and tilt motor forward...This is what I came up...
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    1 year old canvas cut

    I just pulled the cover off of the Bimini top. As you can see in the pictures both side of the bimini were sliced. After putting the top back down the top back down I noticed that the nds of the frame were very sharp, enough to cut my finger. There is definitely a problem and I happen someone...
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    Power Pole

    Has anyone added a Power pole to their 23ft. Am I just being lazy but we are always up on the beach with ours and I have to put a front anchor out on the beach. If the power pole is put on will this eliminate the beach anchor
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    Making memories

    Heading Lulus in Gulf Shores for some Fried Green Tomatoes. And a little Jimmy Buffet music......oh yeah and the best damn Margarita...
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    Jamie Johnson concert by boat

    Spent the day out on the boat and ended the night up on Pensacola Beach watching and listening to the Jamie Johnson concert
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    Another stunner

    This was us coming home Sunday...This happens every Sunday in Pensacola
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    Spent the 3 day weekend enjoying the toon.

    From Pensacola Beach to Gulf Shores Alabama. We hit Lulus and the Sandshker as well as other Beach bars on the way home...Absolutely the best weekend in many months. We had stopped here at the Wharf for a Bushwhacker..
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    On the Pontoon !!!!!

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    Beautiful day !!!!!

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    First boat ride