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  1. Bill N

    Just Purchased Q25... HELP

    Pics We want pics.
  2. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Last minute thought on the 'bama Georgia game? Being in Alabama, I gotta go with the Tide. But I hope I picked incorrectly!
  3. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    One week from tonight...A good ol' Camp Randall butt whoopin"!
  4. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    That is so cool, the friendliness with opposing fans. Been at games where an opposing fan is being a little "over the top", and when our team has a good play I simply look at that fan and give him a wink & smile. Usually by the end of the game we are visiting like old buddies. Best of luck and...
  5. Bill N

    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    It's not just the pontoon or boat industry. Should half ton gas pickups be $60K? the point in my previous reply was that while MSRP has gone up, I assume dealer costs have as well. I seriously doubt that margin percentages increased.
  6. Bill N

    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    The businesses I have been privy to financial numbers have never had "floating" margins for the retailer as you suggest. I'm comfortable assuming that your statement is likely incorrect.
  7. Bill N

    Bennington Q with twin yamaha 425

    On a positive note, you aught not need fuel stabilizer.
  8. Bill N

    Bennington wing emblem

    ask your dealer to order one
  9. Bill N

    Electric Bemini top

    If that's the year of your Benny, I seriously have slept too long.
  10. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Well your cross conference games aren't too bad. But I think you drop your first one on Halloween. I think my Badgers can make it until Nov 14 undefeated. Their cross conference schedule is favorable, and perhaps they could run the table. (fingers crossed)
  11. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    I'm a little bummed today. We had reservations and tickets to be at Camp Randall to watch the Badgers put the hurt on the Gophers today. Then covid happened. Who else had plans to go to at least one game this season? and where?
  12. Bill N

    Off season activities-what do you do?

    We still spend time on the lakes in the winter. Only difference is the top 3 ft of water gets a little hard.
  13. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Anyone watching this Cyclones/Sooners game right now?
  14. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread 2:30 Central Time
  15. Bill N

    Yamaha RPM

    There's a dial on the back side of your tach. Note which position it's in, then rotate it back & forth full cycle leaving it in it's original location (thus freshening up the electrical connections). Probably not the issue, but very quick, easy and free.
  16. Bill N

    Lower Unit - Freezing Weather

    If your propshaft seal is leaking, you could have water in your lower end that could potentially freeze and ruin the case. Unlikely, but possible.
  17. Bill N

    Ellipticals and 200hp?

    You're correct about the stability with 2 tubes.
  18. Bill N

    Ellipticals and 200hp?

    Give twin ellipticals serious consideration. Faster/more fuel efficient than any Bennington 3 tube chassis.
  19. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Defending Champs LSU lose at home to unrated MS State! #3 Sooners fall to Kansas State! Fun afternoon!
  20. Bill N

    Bowrider or Regular Tritoon?

    In our area, deck boats were quite popular. Now everyone is ditching them for pontoons, so $20K will buy you a very nice deck boat that will outperform a $90,000 R Bowrider