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  1. Bill N

    Talon anchors

    Does anyone have a Minnkota Talon anchor? Share pics of mounting locations please. Ideally would like one at front and one at rear for parking next to a dock. Does that make sense?
  2. Bill N

    2020 Fall Football Thread

    OK, not the season that any of us had hoped for, but "week 0" indeed starts Saturday night 8:00 CST!
  3. Bill N

    Donkey biceps

    Or as some refer to them...Zebra Mussels, were recently discovered in an area lake. I assume many on here have dealt with invasive species that can answer some concerns/questions. Will lifting strakes that are not sealed be an issue? Will DNR require I/O pontoons to remove drain plug?
  4. Bill N

    Depth finder question

    I have a friend with a 2015 22SLX with the basic Garmin depth finder. He replaced the transducer, and now cannot get the unit off of "demonstration mode". I think I could get it for him if I were there, but he's 100 miles away, and I don't remember things well enough to instruct him. Any...
  5. Bill N

    Cordless tool battery hack..... Worked for me.

    I have a 40V battery which only had on cycle on it (basically new) that wouldn't take a charge. This hack worked for me saving me a bunch!! Hope it can save someone else some money and frustration as well!
  6. Bill N

    Good Friday

    Please take time today and give thanks and praise to God for he sacrificed his Son on this day so that we may have eternal life!
  7. Bill N

    You can't make up headlines this good!
  8. Bill N

    Ice fishing anyone?

    I'm not feeling the same love for fishing as these guys!
  9. Bill N

    2020 NASCAR Thread

    Daytona today. Very cool that POTUS is Grand Marshall! Rumor is that he will take "The Beast" for a lap or 2! Who you picking? I will take one of the old guys and go with Kurt Busch.
  10. Bill N

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Bill N

    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Who's your team? How do you predict that they will finish?
  12. Bill N

    Lake Horseower Limits Question

    I know some of you are on lakes with horsepower limits. Just what is the intent of such rules? Are they trying to discourage....... attaining a certain speed? tow sports? non-resident users? wake? I cannot envision the purpose of such a discriminating rule?
  13. Bill N

    Merry Christmas!

    This Christmas season please remember that Christ is the reason for the celebration. So when someone says "Happy Holidays", please reply "No, it's Merry Christmas" as a friendly reminder to keep Christ at the center of our thoughts and actions throughout this CHRISTMAS season, and always. Merry...
  14. Bill N

    Tow vehicle

    What is your tow vehicle? What are your likes and dislikes about it?
  15. Bill N

    Kicker engine on a pontoon?

    Have any of you seen a pontoon with a kicker engine mounted on the port tube?
  16. Bill N

    Talon Anchor

    Does anyone have the Minnkota Talon Anchor system? Any pics of the install?
  17. Bill N

    What's new?

    To TB (or anyone with the ability to answer), please describe new items/options. Such as Mega Pan, Co-Captain's Lounge, Bench w/Chaise exchange, Hybrid Top etc. PICS WOULD BE COOL!