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  1. Alicedream

    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    I have 300 Yamaha on R23 with same prop and top speed is 47/48 and could probably do better if i raised my motor.
  2. Alicedream

    No PADS here. Ever. (Finally!)

    Being debt free is so liberating. I just could not do it.
  3. Alicedream

    No PADS here. Ever. (Finally!)

    Some of us pay cash for toys. No way i would finance a boat .
  4. Alicedream

    New to Bennington, ESP question

    You will love the handling of the ESP.
  5. Alicedream

    Thinking of going from a 150 to a 250 Yamaha

    I am not a-jerk either but my motto is if you can’t afford the gas don’t buy the boat.
  6. Alicedream

    Thinking of going from a 150 to a 250 Yamaha

    Just a note for all boat owners. You all need to go WOT more often. If not, you get compression issues. My dealer recommend 5 minutes of WOT every time the boat is used to burn up the carbon.
  7. Alicedream

    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    It is way worth it. It is way more responsive than mechanical and make docking a breeze.
  8. Alicedream

    "L" series, anyone? -- and looking for general input, ideas, and advice for a newbie

    My 2017 23RCW has a length of 25’ 1” so it is 2 feet difference from the number on boat.
  9. Alicedream

    Build time?

    It only usually takes a day to day and a half to build the boat
  10. Alicedream

    Ski Tow Bar or Ski Pylon

    Twist and then pull up.
  11. Alicedream

    Lake and Marina “Neighbor” Rants:

    I would like to sell boats in early retirement.
  12. Alicedream

    Graphite Simtex - too hot in the sun?

    No truer words were ever spoken.
  13. Alicedream

    First Time on Lake Erie

    My bucket list is to take my tritoon down to the keys
  14. Alicedream

    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    You’re absolutely right about the DEC controls. I can maneuver my RCW with Yamaha 300 exceptionally well. I will never have another boat without DEC controls. And i love my Yamaha 300. Top is between 47 and 49. I could get more if i wanted, probably if i raised the motor one hole, but not...
  15. Alicedream

    Our new LX

    Awesome Bennington! Enjoy.
  16. Alicedream

    Another night time boat crash on my lake

    The lake we use is large and no houses directly on lake and no docks. We like to go out at night. Most of the time i am driving 18 miles back to my marina alone after dropping off family at a boat ramp closer to home. No going slow when you have 18 miles to go. Speed limit at night is 30mph...
  17. Alicedream

    Winterization - Wrap vs. Cover

    Pay $650 for indoor storage and have never had an issue with mice or animals. You risk mice damage here if you store it outside.
  18. Alicedream

    It's build day!!

    Nothing better than knowing it is built and on the way.
  19. Alicedream

    Complete Noob with Bennington Fever

    I don’t think i replied to you. Thousands of people use their tritoons in gulf and ocean. He asked a basic question can he use the boat the way he described. He described a safe and cautious way of using it which again thousands of people do. Did i say he should not understand boater safety...