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    Bennington Washdown System

    Anyone have a pontoon with the washdown system? I see that my tritoon can have one under a seat next to helm, but its over 600 from benny. Wondering what all is in it and if anyone has pictures?
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    +12v in fishing table compartment (gas tank location)

    OK, now I am wiring a ton of "fun stuff" and am finishing up the LED Cup Holders. I put two at the helm, one on a corner recliner, and two on the fishing table. Got the table open and was ready to connect the 12v lines and stopped. Thought to myself, 12v in the gas tank location? 12v spark...
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    Center of Gravity?

    Sorry if this again is not the correct "spot" but I cannot find the specs for my boat to make sure it is on the lift correctly. Here is my setup, but does anyone know where the center of gravity is located? 2018 21-SSX full benches up front and fishing station in the back with 2 fishing...
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    2018 21 SSX - 42" Pylon Needed

    Not sure if I have the right thread for this, but I am in need of a pylon for my boat to tow my grand kids. looking to buy a used one (or new) but cant find anyone selling them. Dealer is asking a zillion dollars and that ain't gonna happen. Anyone have one to sell they dont use/want? ill...
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    Pylon for 2018 SSX here so forgive me if my post is off base. First time ever owning a pontoon (tritoon) and stuck with how to tow my kids skiing or tubing. The rear of the deck cannot hold any form of a tow bar becuase the "fence" is all the way to the rear deck edge. there is no free surface to...