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  1. gnc1017

    Fuel Venting Issue (causing incorrect fuel reading & motor to shut off)

    This past summer, we had two instances where our motor had shut off without warning. Initially thinking our sending unit was bad and we were out of fuel (more on that later), we finally found that the tank was no longer venting due to a clogged vent fitting filter screen. We have a side-fill...
  2. gnc1017

    Wash-down Switch Kept Getting Bumped

    Being mounted in the rear aisle of our center walkout, on the side of one of the rear loungers (facing the opposite lounger), our washdown switch was inadvertently (and usually unknowingly) bumped to the on position more times than I can count. It has a plastic bezel/guard around the rocker but...
  3. gnc1017

    Amp and Port Table Subwoofer Install

    A few weeks ago, my buddies and I finally got around to starting on the stereo upgrade we had planned since the time we placed our order but had yet to get around to. We only did the front of the boat now (time to use it again, not work on it) but we're pretty happy so far. We ordered the boat...
  4. gnc1017

    Backrest Blowing Up When Trailering

    Our forward-facing lounger (opposite the helm) is hinged at the top and when trailering, would catch air at the bottom and blow open. With it open, it had significant wind resistance (like a parachute) and would bend the seat's hinge bracket, preventing it from properly closing. This happened on...
  5. gnc1017

    Anyone Disappointed with Sharkhide?

    We recently took delivery of our new boat which has the factory Sharkhide. We primarily did it due to winter delivery, it was dealer recommended, and my dealer even put a second coat on it to ensure it was properly covered. It is only a month old and sits on the trailer in a garage so of course...
  6. gnc1017

    New 10 FT Wide Models

    Not sure if they've been there a while or just showed up but I noticed the new 10' beam boats (28 and 30 footers, single and twin engines) are now shown on the R Series boat builder page. On the twins, looks like only Yamaha outboards for now and surprised to not see the Helm Master option but...