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    Need Help with shopping

    As I've mentioned before, I can only get a slip on my lake if I buy through my dealer/marina... there are ZERO slips available on Canandaigua Lake, and there are hundreds and hundreds of boaters who want one. No one can lease a slip unless they buy a boat from my dealer/marina. That's OK; I...
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    Need Help with shopping

    I agree with all of our pals on this site who say do NOT pay $10K more than you should simply because you THINK you’ll have to wait for warranty service.
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    Bat Scratch Fever

    I am not heartless, but I don't want to read about sadness or other people's problems on this site. I've got my own problems... we all do... and I come here to escape from them, not be reminded of them or hear about the problems of others. It's not that I don't care, I just don't want to deal...
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    Bat Scratch Fever

    Why make yet another space on the internet depressing? Why? Boats are fun and exciting. That's what this forum is about... or should be about IMO. I may be in the minority, but I will either skip over or block discussions to keep my sanity here.
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    Bat Scratch Fever

    Agree! Argh! Stop it stop it stop it! I come here to escape the ridiculous that has become our world. Now you throw it back into my face. COVID talk is freaking EVERYWHERE... it does not have to be here. Please!
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    Bowrider or Regular Tritoon?

    That's why Bennington makes so many models of different length, horsepower, and features! Everyone is different. Happy Boating!
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    Bowrider or Regular Tritoon?

    As cool as the R-series bowriders are, I think they will exclude members within a larger boating party. If you are out on the water with 8-10 people, invariably 2-4 people will not be able to fit in the bow seats and will be excluded from that conversation. The design of the boat really...
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    Covers for Garmin and Kicker?

    Hey gang... I'm getting mixed answers from my research. Can anyone tell me, on your S Model Benny, did a cover come with the Garmin Striker 4 Fish Graph and the Kicker stereo head unit? Pictures are from a similar boat at my marina. Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving!
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    22ft vs 24ft

    I don't think I would enjoy boating at all if I had to deal with rough water and boat traffic waves... especially ones large enough to swamp a 22' pontoon boat.
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    Yamaha f70 prop

    From what I’ve seen, you are right on the money for speed and RPM. Be happy; your prop is perfect.
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    Double Bimini Clarification, Please

    I was told from Bennington directly that the double Bimini option on my 20-foot SLG adds about 6 ft to the existing 10 foot Bimini. They said it goes almost to the bow rail. That is good news as we are looking for full coverage when the sun is just too much. I would imagine your 21 foot build...
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    Bennington Q with twin yamaha 425

    No sour grapes, but I have no interest in a boat like that. Even if it was given to me, that’s just not something I’m interested in. But, I’m happy it is for others!
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    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    A plausible theory.
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    New Bennington-dealer discounts

    As I wrote in an earlier thread, I received around a 4-5% 'discount' off MSRP with my $36,000 SLG order last month. While poking around, I've discovered that Bennington seems to have higher prices on identical options on higher-end models. For instance, a Garmin Striker 4 Fish Graph has an MSRP...
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    Help with boat build

    Careful! The underwater lights attract the elusive but deadly lake shark! Seriously, though, I personally do not like lots of lights. To me, lots of red and blues and whites coming from sides and bottoms is akin to someone playing loud music. The last thing I would want to deal with is a nearby...
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    Odd man out

    Wear it like a badge of honor!
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    Call me stupid

    Join the club... both this Bennington Club and the club of people who bought their boats and can't use them until spring! At least you got to sit in yours; my boat was just ordered so it is still ethereal. Like, I know it will exist... but it doesn't exist... the concept of me owning a boat is...
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    Argh! Just added $3,000 to my build!

    I swear I am. I have to be! I want my build date!
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    Argh! Just added $3,000 to my build!

    I asked and Bennington said they are a bit brighter; each set has an additional LED light compared to the basic dock lights (plus, it looks like the SS option has focusing lenses).
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    2021 20SLG 4.5% Lower than MSRP

    Absolutely! I am not causing any 'waves' with my dealer/marina as I need that slip! The price the dealer gave me is the price I'm happily paying; no problem. He did throw in a battery switch, free sharkhide, no charge registration, and some gear for me and missus. The marina is five minutes...